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  1. Story of my life. Except when i decide to chill behind someone doing 110, she questions why i havent overtaken them yet because "this car can do it easily"
  2. I took this route. Theres always another p plater to offload the car to when you are done lol however you will most definitely have lost money in the end. Or just buy a shit box until your off your p's. put the left over money towards the car you actually want to own when you have your fulls.
  3. Bienvenido Chris ! Sera mejor en ingles, pero algunos de nosotros hablamos español
  4. Slightly off topic, but does anyone else have issues with incorrect make/model/year showing on CTP/insurance? The car is registered as a "2008 Blue Nissan Sedan Sedan" , im assuming this is due to the compliance date? I know the car arrived in 2008. This then causes CTP to grab the info from the RMS and it has decided that i own a 2008 Blue Nissan G37 Coupe lol however my VVC insurance is for a 2000 Nissan Skyline. NRMA rep said it shouldn't be a problem as long as the VIN numbers match but they initially seemed worried followed by confused as it is an import. So i am not too confident in "what the person on the phone said" Thoughts?
  5. The truth hurts lol .. fortunately (or unfortunately, depends how you look at it) my first car was an NA 34 so this is quite the upgrade. ...for now. Lets see how long i last stock
  6. LOL you have a knack for picking that out.
  7. That paint looks phenomenal
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