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  1. Thanks again for all the info mate I think ill keep it simple and just got with the DeatschWerks 850s as they'll be quite enough for now and I've seen a lot of people run then without any complaints, like I said if I was to keep the car it'd be getting a complete overhaul with a FFP, new fuel rail and much bigger injectors but just for the sake of putting a big more into it for the sale and making it a little more appealing I think this should be plenty plus the stock injectors are very much at their limit. Cheers mate!
  2. Hey Dave I was looking at the DeatschWerks injectors for my 34 gtt, are they a direct drop in to the standard 25neo fuel rail?
  3. Update I had a look and found some DeatschWerks 850cc online which claim to be a direct drop in but im not sure how reliable they are and also sourced some power enterprise injectors on nengun but couldn't see the 34 as one of the listed applications although the 98 stagea 25t RS four was, I'm not 100% sure so correct me if I'm wrong but don't they run the 25neo motor?
  4. Thanks a lot for the info Honaldo, with the ID1000s being 1000cc will they be okay only running at 280-300rwkw as the turbo I have on the car right now isn't going to give me much more than that. Also is there any sites you would recommend for sourcing the other brands of injectors for better prices etc? Thanks again
  5. So I'm looking at getting some direct replacements for the OEM injectors for my r34 gtt, the injectors I have in there now are wide open after a terrible tune and the car isn't keeping the fuel up, I'm trying to sell it and want to throw a quick set of injectors in and get it retuned so its better for the next buyer and I was wondering if anyone knew where I could get some direct drop in top feed injectors for the standard plenum as like I said I just want to spice the car up a little before it goes and don't really want to fork out for a new FFP and fuel rail on top of injectors and end up spending way more than I need to, I'm looking for something I can take into my tuner and let him deal with as I don't want to take out the ones already in there to send away and get high flowed because I need the car running to drive it up to him, any help would be much appreciated! Cheers.
  6. Yeah power fc, I have a feeling after reading a few things my car may have power fc disease by the looks of some symptoms like the car nearly dying when i come off load etc. Any suggestions?
  7. Also Id like to add that my AVCR was spiking really badly as well when it was being tuned so we put a boost T on instead and that seemed to fix the problem
  8. Recently I've just got my car back on the road after blowing the clutch, before all of this when driving it would come on boost hard and hold through the gears smoothly. The car sat still for a number of months and then the clutch was replaced, after doing this and replacing my coilpacks with new splitfires the car didnt feel as powerful or smooth when it should have felt better with a new clutch and coils, it would hesitate at full boost sometimes and every now and then it will feel like its losing fuel up top like splutters and such (could be spark also im not sure). I took it into get tuned and looked at to see if i could eliminate at least one probelm, we sat there for a few hours running it and it was fine, the tune didnt need much tweaking just pulled some timing out up top, after the tune it still felt no better and has gradually gotten worse. Sometimes it runs okay still hesitant at full boost though its like you feel it coming on hard but once its almost to full boost it flat lines. Does anyone know where i could start, Im trying to sell the car soon so id like it running to full potential with no problems for the next person, any help is appreciated, Cheers!
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