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  1. karter

    Scott makes them - he made and installed one for me a while ago - I don't think he's on this forum but his business is Scotty's Customs and phone number is 0408 993 893.
  2. karter

    Commodore weighs about 1700kg, the trailer will be at least 600kg - 2300kg is almost twice the rated capacity of the tow bar and heavier than the Stagea. We tow a 600kg kart trailer occassionally and the ARX doesn't like it much.
  3. karter

    Have a look at the M35 Alternator thread.
  4. Is the underbody brace set still available?
  5. karter

    Try Precision Turbos at Wetherill Park - I think Dale ran one - not sure if they do the install. Ours died at about 245k and we decided on the Intense Billet - Scott did the install in Melbourne. Very happy with it.
  6. karter

    pm sent
  7. karter

    I have R34gtt brakes on an 2001 ARX - the standard wheels didn't fit and I used V35 wheels - I think AXIS wheels fit. We trimmed the backing plate and had to grind a tiny amount off the hub (or knuckle - not sure what it's called). We didn't swap the brake lines and it took about two hours to do the conversion including having the rotors machined and the tires swapped. Definitely worthwhile..
  8. karter

    Until they get it sorted a google search for 'Stagea Parts Classifieds' will take you there.
  9. karter

    Saw this on eBay: Nm35 stagea vq25det stage 1 ecu reflash its-rom $400 exchange. Has anyone tried it?
  10. karter

    After 230k the turbo finally gave up – it was most likely the original. Trucked the car to Hampton Park and Scott replaced the turbo with an Intense Billet RS modified to suit the standard ECU – it runs less boost but I don’t have a boost gauge yet so not sure what boost it is running – maybe 9 or 10psi. Drove back to Canberra in 40 plus heat in that Victorian heat wave with air con on and it never missed a beat, didn’t overheat and didn’t lose any coolant - the cooling mod probably helped. Scott also did the brake mod, replaced the oxygen sensor and installed a boost controller. A few days later we replaced the exhaust with a Legalis R - Scott installed his dump pipe and front pipe on an earlier visit. Very happy with the result. Now thinking about an HDI Max Rom.
  11. karter

    R34GTT caliper and rotor on an ARX.