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  1. 40210-AL800 - Just Jap have them, and no doubt other shops. Best to search in the Wagoneers forum rather than Stagea Parts Classifieds.
  2. Nice looking car. Maybe post this on Wagoneers as well.
  3. Head overe to the Wagoneers forum (on SAU) - lots of info/discussion there - VQ35 starters have been fitted without issue.
  4. Fujitsubo Legalis is a popular choice.
  5. some info here - http://gtr-registry.com/en-pnm35-vin-table.php PNM35-700678 TLJNRENM35EDAA-BC- 350RX FOUR (Series 2) 2005-02 QX1 Pearl White Standard Body; 4WD IRS; Interior: G; Premium Package; ETC (Electronic Toll Card Reader) + TV/Navigation (with DVD Player); Intelligent Key (Keyless Entry) + Immobiliser
  6. Yep - NM35 OEM front wheel bearing assembly. Just Jap has them in stock.
  7. The insurance company didn't give me the option to buy the car so I would have to bid for it at auction. I've decided against doing that - at the right price it will be a good spares car for someone. Especially with Scott's bits because you can't get them anymore.
  8. Wheels are inside the guard - allowable track increase is 25mm and can use the widest track in that model of car - we used 1535 which is a PNM Axis and that gives me a limit of 1560mm. My wheels are 18x9 with 25 offset - still getting my head around offset but thinking that 18x9 with 30 offset might bring the track in.
  9. After a month of toing and froing between the engineer and the road worthy inspectors the ATTKD 6 piston brakes on our '05 PM35 Axis Autech have been passed (the engineer was awesome, and so are the brakes). More of a challenge was the rear track - 1565mm which was 5mm over what is allowed. At the end of the day standard ARX wheels on the back did the trick but looking for something more suitable.
  10. Delete if not allowed. Sadly our NM35 ARX was smashed in the Canberra hailstorm and has been written off. I'm told it will be sold by Pickles. Bonnet and roof badly damaged and tops of doors and guards but passenger side doors ok. Rear door ok. New windscreen fitted and glass, lights and mirrors undamaged. Has BC's, R34GTT brakes, slotted rotors, 350z wheels and good tyres. Billet Intense turbo upgraded and fitted by Scott, braided oil line and filter, Scott's dump pipe and HFC, front pipe and Legalis exhaust. High km's but strong motor, 5k services with quality synthetic oil and new filters, new sensors last year. Rocker cover gaskets, brake mod and cooling mod - work done by Scott. Rear wheel bearings replaced with OEM a few months ago. Good interior - everything works, Quality Kanatech fascia and Pioneer head unit.
  11. That's awesome - glad they saw the light.
  12. I guess my point was that the inspector is mistaken and it might be useful to take it up with the superviser. Anyway, I have the M35 Owner's Manual and if you PM me your mobile I'll SMS the page dealing with Child Anchorage Locations. It might be helpful.
  13. Ours came from QLD and I've been to Hume recently - wheels and brake upgrade (ATTKD 350Z front and 350Z rear) had to be engineered and all tint had to come off. That's been done and ready for retest. The child restraint points are mounted in the roof inside the back hatch - same place as in our ARX (which went through Hume when we bought it). And they definitely checked them.
  14. Another Stagea in Canberra is always welcome - our ARX was smashed in the recent hailstorm and has been replaced by an Axis Autech PM35. There's lots of wisdom in this forum.
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