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  1. Hi just seeing if there is a way to get around engineering my r31 since it has a series 2 motor that has the feed for a turbo ???. tho im also looking at putting a vlt motor in just seeing if anyone has done this and what I have to do ?? any help would be great thanks
  2. any suggestions on a intank fuel pump that can handle it ive seen a few around I just didn't know is there is one that stands out ?? cheers
  3. Walshy006

    R31 project

    R31 project bought for $350 plans are to fix up as a sleeper and turbo
  4. yeah I wanted to stick with the rb30 to keep it a bit more original trying to keep it a sleeper what sort of power would I be look at at with standard rb30et a8 motor ,vlt ecu,standard vlt injectors,fmi,3inch exhaust,t3/t4turbo ??
  5. Hi guys I picked up a r31 ti for $350 running needs a respray and the motor is getting a worse ticking so was thinking time to engine swap and turbo what engine is easier to get power out of with bolt ons a rb30et or 25det ??if I got rb 30 was just going to find a vlt a8 and dump it in or 25 and get a front cut just after sum pointer from others that have done this thanks
  6. Hi everyone I bought my r31 ti project for $350 and shes running ha but starting to get a loud ticking more than the usual so instead of stuffing around I was thinking of dropping a vlt a8 motor in or a rb25det only looking for 200-250 max atw bolt in a low km motor and away I go sort of thing just wanted a few ideas as all the topics and info on the engines differ is it hard to get the power im after out of either of theses engines with out too much work ?? thanks
  7. thanks heaps its been doing my head in
  8. Hi guys recently my R31 clutch fan has all got cracks in it and im finding out it its hard to get them as I just need the fan plus if then can get one there like $200. So my question is is there any other ones that will fit or is thermo's the way to go plus what thermo's and how much ??? any help would be great thanks
  9. Hi guys as said I need a r 31 clutch fan mines all cracked if anyone has one pls pm me asap
  10. found a r31 Ti . Admin pls delete post thanks
  11. $350 but she needs a tidy up little rust but not too bad and respray all electric work and motor running
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