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  1. Interior looks amazing dude, the dash suits it so well, I've been tossing up with either an IC-7, microtech or AIM  dash, also where did you get the AC control unit moulding from, I like that location


    overall was this an easy install and would you recommend it ? if yes could u do a quick run down of all the wires u spliced into n stuff, i want a dash for my 33 but I'm lazy as f**k with wiring ( do it every day with work ) and can never be bothered wiring shit on my own car haha

  2. Yea $220 isn't that much just a big jump from when I purchased one 2yrs ago haha and the kudos kit was just abit expensive atm haha, but I ddont even think about just getting the water pump through them and getting the gates timing belt through my supplier

    Also I just noticed a shitload of spelling mistakes, so sorry about that

  3. Hey guys I'm struggling to get my hands on a genuine rb25det water pump, Nissan apparently have 0 stock in Aus and there going for $220 now which is weird cause 2yrs ago I payed $160. I have been looking online for timing kits and found kudos motorsports do a fulling kit including genuine 25 pump, nsk idler and tensioner and hates racing belt and that's going for $426, I can get a timing kit for $155 with all stuff but no water pump, I fpund golebys parts have a kit for $209 with water pump from gmb in Japan but they have formed me they only get rb26 water pumps due to bigger propeller in water pump and that on some 25det engine u have to leave a bolt out of the water pump, I don't Like the sound of this, what are you're thoughts on this

  4. Thanks for advice mate, few friends have said go the gates aswell hahaha never heard anyone say they wine but as u said they have probably over tension them, and yes was checking out kudosmotorsport.com and they offer a few ranges of belt brands, most expensive being Nismo then trust/greddy

  5. So I tried this on my r33 and couldn't find the t peice plug that klebestift posted but I found the actual beep device, mine is an orange colour little box u der the dash and it has a white 2pin plug, I dosconnected it and it killed the beeping noise for key in ignition and door open and also killed the beep for headlights left on

  6. Hi guys/girls, kinda new to the forum, I've stalked a lot but that's about it haha.

    Question is what timing belt kits have you run, any bad/good experiences and what brands, I'm due for a timing belt kit and water pump, my pump will be genuine but when it comes to the kit I'm not sure which to go, there a few brands out there, found kudosmotorsport.com gives u a few options of belt brands. My car is a street/drift car mainly, comes out to play once a month of money allows but gets driven most weekends to the shops and maybe to race track to spectate, qld laws are making me scared to drive it hahah

  7. Hey dude both our cars are series 1 which don't have abs, andim not sure if it revs higher when u turn steering wheel, and speed sensor what does this have to do with power steering issues, but I was told by him that he's speedo has stopped working and at same time that's when he realised power steering was not working, but I've read up and not really finding anything about speedo affecting the power steering due to the power steering lines have one solenoid which is controlled via hicas ecu and as I said all my loom n hicas ecu is plugged in and works mint no steering problems and he's is same yet steering issues could it be he's speedo is f**ked and if yes please explain as to in like confused to y it would

  8. Hey guys new to forum and I was just curios due to my car has a lock out bar (not lock out kit) and my car still has hicas ecu plugged in and all I have done also is remove dash bulb and still retain factory sexy and I have never had an issue and have never had to do what blk94r33 did to fix he's issue, but in saying this my mates 33 power steering pump works on start up but stops working when you start to drive, he has lock out bar and ecu is still plugged in but has this power steering issue

    Any advice will be very great full and both cars are S1 33 sedans

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