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    Going back to NZ to spend time with my daughter, and drive my GTR. Love music and movies. Road trips

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  1. GTRAGEnz

    My GTR

    GTRAGE, my GTR thats got alot of mods, an more in the process
  2. Thanks for the help guy Im happy to spend to money to get the best clutch for the job, what I want to be sure of is, it's not that the pedal is too hard to press, mine feels only a lil harder than factory, but the issue I have with the clutch is it fully engadges as soon as u release pedal the tiniest, so its great for launching, but not great at traffic lights, whih the car spends more time around town than a track, So with the ATS triple carbon clutch is it streetable in that sence, The Nismo clutch read up says its good for round town yet still tough enough to take the power.
  3. No not yet. I only signed on here this morning . But will definitely look into it :-)
  4. Its gotta be good to be Nismo :-) My car beig sent for new dyno after they've put a better fuel set up in the boot, an Im swapping ecu to hks fcon vpro, so gonna get the clutch done then, cant wait to see the results of it all
  5. Can anyone give me an idea what clutches are out there that are strong enough to take 650hp but still be drivable around the street without lurching at the intersections. My gtr has a insane twin plate in it that the second u release the pedal the tiniest, the clutch fully engadges making town driving very uncomfortable. Ive been told the Nismo super coppermix clutch is meant to be really good (link below) but wondered if anyne has one an could tell me what its like, or any other suggestions of a clutch, I drive the car once a week if that. so having that insane twin set up, whatever it is, is too much. Any help greatly appreciated :-) http://www.nismo.co.jp/en/products/competition/clutch/sctwin.html
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