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  1. since i was at home the past couple of days, figured i'd give photoshop a go and this is what i came up with and im still working on this right now..
  2. ohh nice man!! thats some brilliant light control and those are some killer locations!!
  3. yeah that was a test shot anyway to see the distance of the Z drifting around the 300, i changed it all around after that to get a better pan shot with a slower shutter speed and a smaller aperture. it was fun though, instead of a step ladder i had to stand up on the roof of my grand cherokee and get the angles right. good kids the car owners, went along with everything i asked!
  4. lol thanks guys!! oh and did someone say a bimmer thread? that last one was a little tricky to take with right hand: camera trigger, left hand: lens focus ring, left knee: on the steering wheel, right foot: accelerator flooring it. [edit] but hey since this is a forum for skylines, the closest i could get to a nissan was this: okay now the weekend's here, i need to get some car photography done in perth so i can stick to the rules of this thread. must. find. skylines!
  5. hey i have one of those!!
  6. yeah i need some help on this as well, i just cant seem to get the hang of final cut pro..
  7. i remember i saw a similar one that easton chang did a while ago, how do you guys do that? thats the sickest effect ever!! and a few of my randoms from last year. I really need to pick up my cameras again..
  8. yeah should be fun if i can find some new places to shoot in perth. itd be a good way to get to explore the city!
  9. oh man ive been following your work for a while now!! it reminds me of easton chang and webb bland's level of skill!! dude if im ever in sydney i'd love to work with you on some shoots!
  10. I'm game. If I can ride shotgun with my cameras I'd be lovin it!
  11. I'm in Perth. I've kept pretty low key since I don't advertise myself a lot but to give you an idea of who I've worked with for my commissioned shoots, here's a sample lol
  12. I've used the G12 and it's worth every cent. Think about it like this, if you'd rather not carry around bulky slr gear like some of us and still want the awesomeness of everything canon has to offer get the g12. It's actually used by a lot of photojournalists currently out in the Middle East and i know one In Particular who's put down his 5D MK II and has stuck with his g12 while on assignment in Damascus with their civil issues going on. Why? Because its tough, light, easy to hide, takes a beating and still performs like a god, AND shoots video. The reviews have it that it's just as good for studio shoots as well with the right lighting setup. Worth the investment. I'd say go for it, take some shots and post em up on here!
  13. I've pretty much bought my gear from all over the place from eBay to second hand dealers and airport duty free spots when traveling around. Over the years I've gone through a few broken lenses like my 24-105L that was the victim of a sand storm, a 50 1.8 that some guy stepped on as it rolled out my camera bag, my 10-20 that fell as broke In two right before a shoot and a few other heart breaking stories. It really doesn't matter any more where you get your gear from so long as it performs and does the job you want it to. Gear comes and goes, if the shot you needed to take was there a the end of the day that's all that matters. That said, the guys at digitalcamerawarehouse in Sydney are roll isn't with their prices and service. I'd trust them with my money hands down.
  14. Hey guys, so looks like I'll be a Perth based poster for now till I get a chane to move out to the easy coast. General intro, I've yet to pick up my skyline since I'm getting settled into the routine of everyday life back here in Australia. I've been working on the F1 circuit at YAS in Abu Dhabi on and off as a photographer so chances are you'll prolly see me more in the photography section of the forum for now. And hey if the guys in Perth are ever up for a shoot I'd be more than game to help out.
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