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  1. Thanks man, now I can get sorted with either getting mine machined or getting another 1
  2. So the casting number on my head is 75T 4, pre neo yeah?
  3. All good, just in the process of pulling everything off the turbo side so I can get a look at the casting number and order a head
  4. I don’t want to put a neo head on my motor, I just asked the question to make sure I didn’t buy the wrong head for my car
  5. From all the info I’m getting, mine isn’t a neo head
  6. I’ve still got to pull everything off the motor to see it, factory manifold is in the way I’m pretty sure it’s non-neo though
  7. Haha, I have a stagea not a 33, I used to have a 33, but not anymore
  8. Spoke to another guy on Facebook and that said the same thing, cheers for the reply
  9. The only thing close to a number that I can see is stamped at the rear of the head and I’m pretty sure it’s covered
  10. So I have a stagea that’s blown a head gasket and I’m looking for a head, I’ve looked for the casting number in the place that’s specified and there’s no number that I can see, is it cast into the head or stamped
  11. Wondering if the engine loom is still available and if so is it from a 93 model, coz the last 1 got was sold to me as a series 1 but was out of a series 1.5.
  12. Hey everyone in the process of doing a conversion. Issue: the motor isn't firing, it'll crank just won't fire. Had to get a series 2 engine loom(couldn't find a clean series 1 loom) Also had to replace a couple of series 2 plugs with series 1 ie the loom to ignitor plug, which on series 2 runs 1 less wire so I have a wire that I can only assume is an earth (black with yellow trace) Help would be greatly appreciated, I've looked almost everywhere else can't find anything.
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