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  1. hey dude did u end up bringing any back? do ya still have any or could u get a hold one one?? cheers
  2. Has any one have a 32 steering wheel they wanna sell gtr or gtst i don't mind needs to be in decent condition im located on the gold coast thanks
  3. Iwon't be buying anything that's like that fark that I need a half cut so I can run the 26 stock standard with the standard Ecu I'll be upgrading the turbos no matter what. Another thought I had was looking at importing a whole GTR with out compliance then stripping it
  4. Hey everybody iv been lookin for a 32 GTR half cut iv spoken to a few places like bmi, rollin, option 1, japauto, nizzpro and no one has anything nor wont be getting anything for a while could any body help me out with other places to try even around Sydney area I'm happy to go for a drive highly appreciated cheers
  5. I'm looking for an r32 gtr half cut . Have spoken to basic motor importers like bmi, just Jap, Option 1 and Rollin and a few others but no one has any. Could any body help me out with other motor importers, i Can travel to Sydney so even anyone down there highly appreciate it cheers
  6. Would anyone here possibly have a Cams level 3 race licence I'm looking at getting a car imported with getting complied but need someone with a race licence if anyone could help I would highly appreciate it cheers
  7. myr324


    Any body going to down shift today
  8. myr324


    I went to keith 4 wheels more closer to me but they did a schmick job
  9. myr324


    Heeeeyyyy any one able to put my new tyres on rims for a good price around the coast south brissy area
  10. myr324


    Everythings worth a try
  11. used armor all cut and polish with a spong. Apply it let it turn white then rub the guts out of it till all the whites gone, keep repeatibg till there brand new looking
  12. myr324


    Sweet as il keep an eye out. Is any one heading down on that byron bay cruiseon the 6-7th of july????
  13. myr324


    Are there any cruises or meets on today tonight tomorrow??? Keen to get out
  14. myr324


    Im looking for it all i was thinking of going threw bmi n just get a half cut for 3500
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