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  1. Purchased a set of these, They ARE the real deal, unbelievably cheap. Thanks Mate.
  2. Dam I would of bought the whole lot, I gotta check hear more often awsome combo mate, Very cheap.
  3. LOLOLOL go to gavin wood man. ipsnatch is f**ked.
  4. Willing to seperate? I basically just want the bottem end.
  5. The software is which may be to new for my ecu as mine is 4-5 years old. I have looked in the help and it states they all fire together its called group firing. Does anyone know an ECU (namely ems) wizz that may be able to come and have a look? I will pay of course.. Im in SW Brissy.
  6. I pulled the intake cam rocker cover off and watched the no1 cyl valve, and aligned the timing mark on the crank, with plug out to get TDC on compression. Now obviously I cant tell when the No 1 injector pulses as they all fire at ounce so how am I ment to set it up.
  7. Okay I have no idea how the coil packs are set up. They are splitfire series 2, so Im under the impression the ignitors are built in. The map u have posted is a different version of the software than I have.... Hmmm, I have also read in the EMS help that with ems the CAS needs to be set 60 degrees BTDC which requires snapping the locating tang which might explain why mine is missing. When i say injectors all fire in 1 rotation of the CAS I mean they all fire at the same time?? Is that normal??
  8. Okay I just got number 1 piston to tdc on the compression stroke and set the cas so it was letting a spark at that point, still no go and big backfiring in both directions..... My set up is running a wasted spark so setting that is hard BUT, it seems for every rotation of the CAS it fires all 6 injectors??? Is this normal. I had the car running a week ago but it was very rough and idled at about 1400rpm due to a leaking plenum gasket, so I pulled the plenum off and sealed it up. Now Ive tried every concievable way to put the CAS in and Im scared to even turn the ignition on for fear of massive backfires. There has to be an explanation for this is there anyone running a stinger 4424 that can give me a snap shot of their ecu setup screen even though I havent changed any settings its might be worth a shot. Thanks very much for all the help so far.
  9. I did try that but the problem is Im getting multiple sparks at the same time. Im sure the computor uses a wasted spark setup which makes it hard. The other thing is it seems like the sparking is random depending on how fast I spin the CAS. How do I know which stroke the number one piston is on ie intake or exhaust? I tried unplugging the fuel line both into the rail and the return from the regulator and they both flowed a cup fuel in a couple of seconds but the pressure didnt seem massive, how much should there be? Everytime I try and start it now, I pretty much get nothing followed by massive backfires I mean BIG. One thing is I dont have the intake pipe on so its sucking straight into the throttle body although I cant see that making a difference.
  10. I havent touched the cams or the timing belt since it last ran. The compuor still has the maps when I plug it into the laptop. Im ready to set it on fire..... Is the series 1 and series 2 CAS the same????
  11. Its an EMS stinger ECU. It was perfectly tuned about 2 years ago when I took the car off the road, and as far as I know none of the settings should have changed. To test spark I rotated the CAS and watched the spark plugs fire. I can also hear the Injectors ticking and my fuel pressure gauge is reading 30psi of fuel pressure.
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