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  1. Accommodation We are staying at The Addison Motor Inn (what used to be the Tirana) - back to where it all began Please call the hotel ASAP and book your room, they are reserved solely for us right now. Queen (1 person) - $110 Queen (2 ppl) - $125 Qu + 1 sngl (up to 3 ppl) - $155 Mention you are with Bec from Skylines Australia as I have negotiated the above prices at a discounted rate http://addisonmotorinn.com.au/ 5831 8280
  2. Entry List:- 43 entries as at 22/10/16 Leon Stapley Teagan Reid Krystal Pfeiffer James Flannery Jett Benson Min Chan Simon wilcox Anthony Burke Daniel daraxoglou Shane Janssen Josh Miller Andrew Wolf Pranil kooverjee Sean Power stephanie atkinson james mcdermott shane van dort Joselito Da Rocha Mark Ryan Nick Boswood Tegan Collins Corey Talbot Ferne Smyth Paris Hoult Mark Limeson Manandic Brett Patching Michael Karantzoulis Simon Henman Andrew Roney Matthew Roney Michael Eliou Ben Simmons Russell Cunningham Kyle Bone Paul Bone Jack puzin Jarrard Barr Jared Mangnall Leigh Germain Ashley Lee Nick greenman Aleksandar Krincevski Myles Shobbrook Jake Walker Zachery yates Travis Pfeiffer
  3. SAU Vic DECA Motorkhana - Sat 12th November Where: DECA Shepparton When: Sat 12th November 2016 Entries are open http://www.sauvic.com.au/entry/deca/20161112 SUPP REGS DISCLAIMER *Ignore the date on the video but here is a sample of what DECA motorkhana is What is DECA?
  4. Please follow the Facebook event for updates over the weekend:- https://www.facebook.com/events/1571195523200492/ If we have any people withdraw and an entry space become available, we will announce on Facebook. Thanks Bec
  5. Entry Name 1 Simon Henman 2 Luke Schulze 3 Jake Lowry 4 Min Chan 5 Tim Watson 6 Campbell Shobbrook 7 Daniel Shalders 8 Lucinda Merlo 9 Sean Power 10 Leon Stapley 11 Jett Benson 12 Joselito Da Rocha 13 Drew Smith 14 Dan Madden 15 Paris Hoult 16 Lucas merlo 17 Michael Grogan 18 Dougal Sully 19 Michael Eliou 20 Gary Nickson 21 mohammed tebeileh 22 Russell Cunningham 23 hakan bozbay 24 Betul capinoglu 25 Yasar bolat 26 Peter Blythe 27 Liam Clements 28 Nicholas Momirovski 29 Paul Stephenson 30 Jayden Ingley 31 Mitchell Carlesso 32 Michael Godden 33 Matthew Grice 34 Ben Sinclair 35 Robert Mikolajewicz 36 Brandon Ingley 37 Martin Sullivan 38 Daniel Jones 39 Shane Janssen 40 Chris Wilshire 41 Ferhan Acar 42 Andrew Roney 43 Matt Roney 44 Jeff 45 Ahmad sharafi 46 Jeremy Blackman 47 Ender esenyel 48 Michael Karantzoulis 49 Daniel walker 50 Matt Robins
  6. The closest hotels to the Addison are:- - Courtyard Motor Inn - Tudor House Motor Inn - Best Western Wyndhamere Hotel All the above are less than 5 minute walk from the Addison
  7. Ash - it's not ideal to miss Driver's Briefing Can either yourself or him email me further details ASAP at [email protected] - we can discuss via email Thanks!
  8. I'll second Anna for Treasurer
  9. Hi Guys - please note the list above is now current. As there are so many rooms not taken, the hotel have taken control over the remaining rooms as of right now. They will be taking bookings from other groups, so I suggest you move quickly if you want a room. If you need to make a booking, or if you need to alter an existing booking, you will need to contact the hotel directly:- Brendan Magee, Courtyard Motor Inn, 58-60 Wyndham St, Shepparton 3630. P: 03 5831 2355 F: 03 5831 2748 [email protected] www.courtyardmotorinn.com.au Thanks and see you all up there
  10. Thanks! list updated Does anyone else want a room???
  11. Hi Guys, Thanks to the above and others who have messaged me re accommodation. I've only been home from overseas for a few days and the list is now updated. Cheers for your patience. NOW - get your entries in ASAP people Bec
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