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  1. R34 GTT NISMO Front, Rear Bumpers and Bonnet FOR SALE: 1 x R34 Genuine Nismo Front Bar Will need to be rubbed back. Only a small crack toward the rear of the bar (Where it says SKYLINE) Pictured. Easy fix. $350 ONO Hello, Have some left over parts off a R34 GTT, All items located in MOOREBANK 2170 Freight/Shipping (if needed) will need to be organised by buyer. 1 x R34 Fibreglass GTR Look-a-like for GTT Front Bar Does it fit? Not Perfectly... Can it fit? After some hours, sure. Fitment pictured $250 ONO 1 x R34 Genuine Nismo Rear Bar Will need to be rubbed back. No cracks but a small crease in plastic (Pictured) Again.. Easy fix. $300 ONO 1x R34 Blits Fibreglass Bonnet. In good nick. Small chip in Fibreglass. Easy fix. $600 ONO Cheers
  2. Ok, so new EBC it is. Yeap. Wires have been fixed. I kept driving the car when they where burnt (didn't know the situation) for atleast another 200km.
  3. Gday Gents, Only coming around to ask about this problem now, but it has been the same for about a month. The car stopped getting to its HI boost setting (18psi), instead it would hover at around 13-14psi. It didn't matter if it was on HI or LO setting. Checked the bay, and found that the 2 wires running from the EBC to the Valve unit where burnt out (must have touched or cam close enough to dump). Now if i unplug the Valve unit, the same thing happens (boost hovers at around 13.5 PSI) Is there a way I can check if the EBC has shit itself, or if its just the valve unit? It is on an R34 with an 25 Neo. Cheers.
  4. Sorry. **Sydney. I am happy to freight though.
  5. In good condition please. No crunching/synchro issues. PM me, or just call/text me on 0432 356 077 Thanks.
  6. Hey guys, so i just picked up a GTST this morning.Literally on the way home driving, as I was exiting the freeway I gave it a squirt in 4th and then pressed the clutch again. Was probably at about 5000 rpm. I cant remember correctly if the BANG was before or after i stomped the clutch, but none-the-less there was a bang.The car didn't want to get out of 4th, but was just revving out when accelerated. Came to a stop, and yanked it out of 4th, and drove on. Basically no 4th gear. All the others are fine, 3rd crunches abit and reverse does too now, but they all go in and drive. 4th will still go in with a crunch and out with a crunch, but its still neutral. Would this be 4th gear synchros that have given up?
  7. I blew my box at 10 this morning If you could PM a price also..
  8. The Sedan bit is fine. The other GTSTs are registered as 19XX Nissan Skyline Sedan. But what is an R13 P/Car?
  9. Hey guys. I am in the market for a R32 GTST. I have been looking around and have recently found a couple of interest. I wanted to get abit of information on each and have run into something that is confusing me. One of the R32s is this: http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/kemps-creek/cars-vans-utes/nissan-skyline-r32/1024553592 When i go to MyRTA to check registration and such, and put in the Rego plate, i get this: 1989 RED NISSAN R13 P/CAR S SEDAN VIN/Chassis: ********9042 According to the seller, the car is a 1990 Skyline, that's all he says. But i don't understand what a Nissan R13 P/CAR is?? Could somebody shed some light? Is it a GTST? Also, this: http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/fairfield/cars-vans-utes/1992-skyline-r32-gtst-rego-nov-13/1015003282 Is a 1992 GTST, registered as: 2007 WHITE NISSAN SKYLINE SEDAN VIN/Chassis: ********6766 Is something shady going on, or is it RTA error? Could i run into trouble soon if I where to purchase one of these? Regards, Vee.
  10. That is true, reading through some threads on SAU and it seems ridiculous! Hey mate, thanks for the detailed reply. i will be driving frequently, hence decided to go with a GTS-T. It would be unfair to get a GTR and hardly use it for 'GTR like things' and just stack up kilometers on it. Thanks for the advice! It sounded ridiculous to me at the start, but its slowly sinking in (the 10k in the corner idea). LOL
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