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  1. So far the only "modern" twins setup that I've seen which has generated a result which gets one thinking is the PMC/Integrated Motorsport R34 GT-R which makes >1100hp @ crank on G25 660s. It's laggy as hell, but has a wide (like 6000-10000rpm?) power delivery so there is a bit of a swings and roundabouts thing going on there - you would NOT use that for what most are looking for with twins, not least because it's not stock location but instead some wild fabrication involved. I don't expect there to be any major development with stock location twins as turbo tech isn't really the primary hold up, it's mainly packaging limitations imho... which is a lot of why I'm so pro-single on an RB. BTW, this thread is hilarious to look back over.
  2. I'm not so surprised about the G30, but I mentioned the G35 - which is what this discussion is about.
  3. SOOOO much this. Fun detail if you are paying attention, at PR 3.5 the G35-900 has 0 compressor flow advantage over a Gen1 GTX3582R and it drops back rapidly from there. A Gen1 GTX3582R is probably capable of more power reliably and arguably with better response (for equivalent exhaust housing size) than a G35-900 on a 4cylinder.
  4. Old comment, but never saw this and seeing as the thread has been pumped I feel compelled to address it haha. Running 3.5bar or so base fuel pressure is so far from flogging the ass out of pumps. It makes way more sense running 3.5-4 bar base pressure on sensible sized injectors than running CNG based or other nugget things that a lot of people do to try and get sensible fuel flow for E85. It's real common these days for factory cars even to run that range rail pressure, turbo Falcons all run 4bar base. Most of these "Bosch 1700" etc injectors don't even match the claimed flow rate at 3bar differential pressure, the likes of ID1700x at 3.5bar will flow an extraordinary amount of power and if everything is specced correctly there will be 0 issues at that fuel pressure.
  5. Cheers for coming back, and glad you've found stuff. What did you change in the system? Are you still on the same turbo/cams? I'd say with the kind of things you have found it probably will be a different beast to drive using those same parts
  6. Pretty sure it ran 7.6, and while I love the car and it should go VERY fast, but it's not an R35 - it should not be compared with the likes of SIN35 which is actually an R35 GTR... not a tube frame chassis. Will be interesting to see how it goes, though - but apples vs oranges.
  7. What records is it going to break? Aside from creating "new" records I am pretty sure it can only really shoot for "pro mod" type times, or possibly an outright AWD record. I doubt very much any of the GTR record lists/holders will consider it a valid entry. In regards to the main question, I think the main points are covered - twins are more practical and logical on a V6 and a single is more logical on a straight 6. I got the impression the STHitec 4WD funny car went single partly as a point of difference as opposed to specifically for performance reasons.
  8. Wow, no need to talk like I'm an idiot - I was kinda trying to set up to be complimentary if it was an RB25, it wasn't inconveivable that it would be an RB25 - but it was getting into the area of some RB30 results I've seen which is why I asked for confirmation. Definitely combo is working well, one of the best RB25 results I've seen and probably the best I've seen in terms of power delivery using an HX40... nice work.
  9. Just found this, nice to see a Kiwi build - very solid power delivery. Couldn't find any detail of the engine, guessing its some kind of RB30/25 setup?
  10. Makes sense, the drop in response and the stretch up in the rpm could be partly (or likely is partly) to do with the poncams - I remember a mate here with an SS2 ended up feeling doughier down low when he swapped to the poncams, but sounds like he didn't pick up the kind of flow up high that you have when going poncams and GTXG2 (as expected). Looking forward to seeing how the Plazmaman goes, there could be some real happy wakey uppy goodness to come yet
  11. How do you find the GTX3576R to drive / tune compared to the old SS2?
  12. Awesome work Johnny, and thanks for sharing everything - science ftw. Those IATs... yikes, there is some serious airdensity improvements to be had there. Look forward to seeing how it goes with that lot sorted.
  13. Nice, missed the tag initially sorry! Hope you can iron out the boost control, holding it higher up high could deliver some solid numbers - not that it's shabby now So with Haltech, is that correction table basically added to the base table? So 7000rpm and 250kpaA it's running around 26deg timing on eth?
  14. And there is the clincher - arguments about dynos and power figures aside, if you are talking a full weight R32 GTR which can run solidly in the 140mph range while still being pretty responsive then who cares if the dyno reads 400kw or 900hp, that is a fast street car!
  15. This is why I don't really like to talk about dyno numbers anymore (or really a lot of technical stuff), unless I feel like the audience are capable of having a sensible conversation about. Dynos don't tend to lie either but it's all data and like any data - how useful it is doesn't just come down to how it's measured, its no use if people who are interpreting it aren't capable of taking context and you end up with comments like this. 620kw range, possibly even a bit more is about right for a 6466 pushed hard on a hubber on E85. Sure, it'll make less on a Dyno Dynamics dyno but these days you hope most people know that and don't need to act like someone is lying. Also, if you throw the donk from an S14 into a full weight R32 GTR with stock transmission you probably shouldn't hope to run the same trap speed.
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