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  1. Nah, offline - but they have had good results making 4" exhaust flow well without being too loud so hopefully one of them will weigh in
  2. Have just been discussing this kind of thing recently. Paging @Piggaz and @Mick_o...
  3. I saw a post on Sinco NZ's Instagram page which made me think of you, how is your build going? Did you end up going Sinco for the manifold or is there someone else doing similar?
  4. When I first went to Oz for WTAC a few years ago I arranged to catch up with @Mick_o and @Piggaz for BBQ and rums and me and Mick were sorting out plans for the evening via PM on SAU. I could get 3 bottles of spirits in duty free so took an order for them for the evening shenanigans, and was somewhat bemused to be asked for a bottle of "Wild Spincter of the universe". I double checked he wasn't just joking around and he repeated "Wild sphincter of the universe, Rare breed. definitely." So yeah, there was a real awkward conversation with the customer service at Sydney duty free until it suddenly dawned on me wtf was going on. Bloody Australians haha
  5. Finally, some testing of an EFR9280 and a whole heap of data from it compared to the EFR9180. Overall it seems really encouraging compared to the EFR9180, but it seems pretty conclusive that even the 1.45a/r hotside is too restrictive to support the huge flow of the new 74mm compressor on a 6 cylinder. The same car they stopped at 116,000rpm with the EFR9180, but with the EFR9280 they didn't reach 116,000rpm but got too much exhaust back pressure. Still, wouldn't be a bad unit! http://speed.academy/how-aem-performance-electronics-saved-my-900-whp-engine/3/?fbclid=IwAR31Gi1JxLfS38HAS9-CyaOwlcoNsqnxzwBHVXWtCfGhosCJhzY9-m1kvwA Also, a dyno plot from a 1.05a/r EFR9280 on a 2JZGTE:
  6. To be fair it pretty much does what it says, so can't exactly knock it I was just amused as I was wondering what witchcraft they may have devised and it turned out to be a standard kind of thing that the setting usually has a much more mundane sounding name haha. So how long before you put it on a dyno and send it? It's definitely looking like a potent combo, and not sure if you've seen the kind of numbers people are getting out of these turbos - but it could surprise some people
  7. Ahh ok, pretty standard - just never seen it called "quick spool" before. Definitely a handy strategy for bringing it up near target quickly, slightly early "cracking" of the gate definitely has a tangible affect on spool.
  8. Nice, that is decent! Legotech doesn't have charge temp estimation? Curious to know what "quick spool" means in this instance, what kind of strategy are they using?
  9. I don't know of any results for them so sorry, can't help you directly - but the eyechrometer reports that they look to be aiming for making more power from a setup that you wouldn't be restricted by the stock manifolds anyway... and I can't see how they'd help response at all, so it'd be quite a bit of expense with the possibility of no tangible improvements.
  10. Last part of the Garrett part#, and it gets a bit garbled as people use some of the turbo naming incorrectly at times when comparing them. The GT2860R "-5" is part # 707160-5 The GT2859R "-9" is part # 707160-9 The reason the part number helps to know is that you end up with the right housings to bolt into the stock location.
  11. Still haven't seen anything to suggest that twin gates really do anything useful, have been waiting for something to click it into place for so far all the single gate setups I've been around seem to perform comparably to twin gate ones - both in response and boost control... so I clearly wouldn't have doubted yours would be fine
  12. I don't think the path is necessarily significantly more torturous than your typical I4 or I6 single turbo exhaust manifold, it may seem exaggerated by the length of the things. The firing order is still evenly spaced (funnily enough) so equal length/timed headers are very possible, in fact the later ones run them factory so the pulse timing is not really a factor. Yeah agreed on the T1 damper, as I said earlier I was already raising my eyebrows at the claim- again the temperature isolation alone makes them worthwhile still even if the smoothing doesn't change the delay versus signal processing.
  13. Not sure if we are on the same page or not regarding spool, I'm not quite clear on what you are saying.... but I think runner length means a LOT in regards to spool. Subarus should be able to spool like Evos and SR20s if runner length didn't matter. Alas we have immediately gone to the T1 dampener so can't comment on unsmoothed signals. I have to admit I chuckled at the "because electronic filtering causes a delay" thing but I am not certain that they would both be equivalent. Either way, the dampener also serves a purpose in regards to temperature isolation so worth using
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