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  1. Truth For what it's worth, that car is the only car I've actually been in running a Precision turbo and I completely disregard it as an experience to draw anything from because it may as well have been any other car with an intake cam out by a tooth due to VCam basically not working properly, and how obvious an effect it was having even when the car was in neutral. As much as I'm a huge EFR fan, and wanted to see one on that car - my vote at the time was he sort out the issues as the way it was behaving was definitely beyond anything that a turbo could be responsible for... meaning either the owner would be buying a turbo he didn't need to in order to make a lot of improvement, and also that if the only change was the turbo then the EFR would also end up looking like a bit of a nugget as it wasn't going to be able to fix the biggest issue.
  2. At least when I drove it the thing wouldn't even rev off idle properly, there was something quite wrong with how that engine was running so I don't really feel too inclined to judge how the turbo performed off how the car itself performed in that case - I don't really recall the full history, but I have a feeling the 6266 never got tested after the tune/engine issues were fixed? The 8374 went on and everything else was changed all in one shot?
  3. To be fair there were a heap of other things which probably had more to do with that lag than the turbo, I would have been interested to see how the 6266 behaved with those sorted - the EFR was always going to be better, but
  4. Lithium

    Probably actually closer to 450hp/337kw in Dyno Dynamics world - which is still solid! Fwiw, Mustangs actually don't tend to read a lot happier than Mainlines
  5. This part might explain the power targets: Mild 2.6L with forged pistons and rods.... on 98
  6. Lithium

    Nice, what hotside did you choose?
  7. Lithium

    That's a pretty nice long powerband - is this a Gen2 one? What hotside? It's fairly lazy for a 55mm turbo, though not so lazy for the power level
  8. Lithium

    OK, sortof makes sense. When you do the stroker/RB30 upgrade is that for more power or more drivability? Realistically a turbo which is "all in" in the low 4000rpm range on an RB25 isn't necessarily going to be that large a turbo on an RB30... or a turbo which justifies a solid RB30 build is going to bit a bit lazy on an RB25 unless you are actually targetting more of a punchy road car setup. You could get a 6466 with a smaller T4 hotside for the RB25, and order a larger one for when you go with the RB30... just to try and take the edge off. A 6466 would likely be "all in" late 4000rpm range on an RB25
  9. Lithium

    Ouch, that's nasty - not overly surprised though, the Airwerks S366s are pretty lazy for their flow at the best of times - I've never understood why they have been so popular when a lot of people using them actually could do fine with the 60 or 62mm options. Going with the open T4 .88a/r housing and putting it on an RB25 is definitely not setting up a recipe for response. Will you be staying with the T4 open housing? I'm assuming that's why you are looking at Precision... if so, I'd look at the Gen2 PT5862 or at the absolute max a PT6062. I'm not sure why you'd go for a 6466 or a 6870 when you are "only" looking at <700whp Dynojet.... unless you are looking for headroom to make >800whp (6466) or >900whp (6870)? A Gen2 5862 will make well into the 600whp range and be a different car to drive. If you would consider changing your exhaust setup to T4 Divided then your options for good power and response get substantially better, too.
  10. Lithium

    Fuel is a biggy here, too. whp running 91RON on a heartbreaker Dyno Dynamics will be hard hard work, estimated flywheel power on a Dynapack using E85 will be easy as pie.
  11. Agreed, though people building their cars often don't do that much research - and the tuner/engine builder/whoever are often stuck with having to work with decisions that someone have already made.... not many tuners will turn someone away unless they've made a truly awful decision with the parts they've bought or how they've installed them (if they have at this point). I don't tune professionally because dealing with this kind of thing daily would do my head in.
  12. Flipside of that is you get people who spend lots of money on a few quality parts but match or apply them poorly, and naturally often a lot of those expensive parts get ripped for underperforming when they've been sabotaged by poor implementation. Imho a well put together setup using "cheaper" parts (NOT to be confused with shit parts) will much more often than not outperform a setup using all top brand stuff with no well considered/implemented plan.
  13. Also helps to make sure everything is working correctly, and the turbo fits the purpose. That particular result I'm pretty sure there is something not performing correctly, and it's also too big a turbo for the setup/target power level. If you put an EFR8374 onto a bone stock RB26 (stock cams included) and a major boost leak then it's not going to be an inspiring result either.
  14. Lithium

    Will be interesting to see how that goes, it's a bigger turbo than a GT3582R running a T-series turbine so I'd not necessarily count on better response but post results when you get it going. HRC40RS making 650kw @ hubs? Crikey, I use hub dynos and that sounds ambitious to me - though I'd hope that the claim there was at least on higher boost than the 18psi in this comparsion? The GTW3684R is a 62mm, but the GTW3884R has a 62mm option as well - do you know which was used in this comparison?
  15. Any more info? Which EFR is it?