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  1. There wasn't anything put in there to make it seem like a joke otherwise I would had just lolled. No worries about my level of calm, I just don't like seeing bad advice being left unquestioned... if it wasn't clear to me as a joke then it may not be to others so had to make it clear that it's very wrong - joke or otherwise. I have no idea what that last line is about, but you appear to be confusing me with someone else. I have opinions and friends have opinions, they sometimes overlap and sometimes they don't - whatever you are talking about there is nothing to do with me.
  2. Also Dose Pipe Sutututu: (note, this is not a BW) Overspeeding and compressor surge at high wheel speeds are both things known to break turbos since god knows when - they are why blow off valves exist, and why compressor maps are done with a cut off point which is earlier than where the flow completely chokes. These phenomenon have been recommended to avoid since they have been breaking turbos since WAY before EFRs existed, and have broken pleeeenty of non-EFRs since well after they were released. Telling people that it is only an issue for EFRs is pretty bullshit advice for people you are giving it to, and also a pretty major exaggeration of the fragility of EFRs.
  3. Hi man, any updates? Picked up/driven the car yet? Keen to hear how this is in the real world
  4. Oh very nice, that sounds like a VERY potent combo in the making!
  5. Going by the posts from various dealers they are selling pretty quickly, I am pretty excited to hear how they go as they are the most interesting turbo released by Garrett in AGES imho.
  6. That's pretty impressive, all things considered! The actual 7685 will make things rather interesting
  7. What did you make with the "7675" again?
  8. A mate is going to be trying a Gen2 GTX3076R with 1.01a/r hotside and a G-series turbo for comparisons sake, not 100% sure which but it seems like it could end up being a G30-770 with .83a/r hotside (most similar flow rating to the 1.01 GT30) on a built SR20VE. That should be a relatively interesting comparison.
  9. Even though the more data etc I've seen it turns out there is a heap of misinfo on this (I'd been sucked in, too), it seems very much this isn't like that at all. The overspeed data is all to do with the compressor, nothing to do with the turbine - if people have spat turbines then they have REALLY overdone it, probably due to some other issue. Some cases I've seen have even turned out to be to do with oil starvation f**king the core and everything else being punished for it. I love the idea of the new G-series range but the fact that there are hopes that they will compete with the OG EFR range, and now there is a new series of EFRs which have really stepped it up there are some G-series which could possibly prove to be too little - too late. Look forward to seeing how they perform though as there are some really interesting units in the range, if they aren't a lot laggier than their wheel sizes would have you expect then they could mix things up a fair bit.
  10. Only just spotted this, nice build and some cool data - been looking at the 61mm SX-E thinking that it would be a nice match to an RB30, doesn't look bad. Shame about the leak when it was tuned, it would obviously mess with the overlay a bit - both in terms of lag and power but clearly the EFR is a better turbo overall.
  11. Double edged sword of course, if the boost reduces then the EMAP needs to drop even more to maintain the same IMAP/EMAP ratio. Anyway yeah, I agree overall with the sentiment and in this situation I'd just "feed it to it" in the midrange and bleed off boost up high and have a low revving torque monster.
  12. Looks like the G30s are coming, now.... https://www.garrettmotion.com/racing-and-performance/performance-catalog/turbo/g-series-g30-770/
  13. Awesome, nice work - that is REAL promising Pretty amazing you could get to 470kw at around 114,000rpm with a leak like that - not to mention the spool not sounding that bad considering. Also if it was able to do that with that kind of leak it makes it seem like the hotside will not be any real restriction, if all the air that's being moved actually gets into the engine then the hotside will have to work WAY less. You'll probably get significant gains everywhere, even psi for psi. This is going to be a beast, good luck for next week!
  14. Nitto do a standard stroke full counter crank, may as well do that if you want to swing that way. They have 75.7mm as an option as well
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