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  1. In NZ at least it's under $2200 for a T25 IWG GTX2860R Gen2 and over $3k for the equivalent G2560 which is a good start haha. That combined with the G25s being a bit laggier means that if I had a setup which would need a bunch more work to support much more than 250kw and I wanted it to be responsive I suspect the extra $800 would be a pretty hard pill to want to swallow.
  2. There is no real data out on this kind of combo but I personally have been unsure whether even the EFR9280 would have enough exhaust flow for the 92mm compressor on an RB even with the 1.45 housing, let along the EFR9274 - granted the 9274 compressor is a bit smaller, but still. I wouldn't have run smaller than 1.45 on tbag combo on a strong RB30, really I would have just gone EFR9280 - if that was too big then the EFR8474 would be a better match but could prove to be entirely wrong. Will be very interested to know how it goes, probably make it easier to make a call on it if someone tries it but that clearly makes you a guinea pig but again - if you had to go 9274 on an RB30 then I personally would have pushed for the 1.45 hotside. Which turbo do you have? For some reason I thought it was an 8374, in which case Your experience probably wouldn't really translate well as the 9274 has almost 40% more airflow potential that the exhaust flow of the setup has to be able to support.
  3. Not on hand, sorry - but I have seen results (1/4 mile and dyno) which have been enough to make me treat the 6062 as though it should be treated a larger turbo, both in spool and power capacity than you'd expect from the wheel sizes. 650-750whp on a US dyno is about the area I was thinking, which is pretty decent from a 60mm turbo - normally more what you expect from a good 62mm.
  4. Same with both of us - had no idea where to go or anything, but was fun to go out for a bit of a lurk about
  5. Black 4 door, we gave you a wave when you were in a line of traffic waiting to head around the bays from Kilbirnie area - unless it wasn't you but either way the driver looked perplexed haha
  6. 99% sure you just drove past us parked outside Armstrong in town, we are in @Looney_Head RB30 GTSt
  7. There have been some pretty big numbers from them to be fair, definitely more than a G30-770 will support but while I haven't seen results from a G30-770, it seems pretty reasonable to expect it to spool better too. The G30-770 is a more sensible match to this power range I think
  8. This is true. Drifting off topic but more people are already showing up and designing cast manifolds, I have been pondering whether to invest some time with a design I've been playing with elsewhere which would probably earn scowls but have a lot of advantages with little disadvantage. No point having the tech we have now without using it.
  9. lol. My concern is more that I've heard bugger all people using the divided v-band housings, but when I have heard of it - it seems people are having issues making manifolds sturdy enough to have a nice collector to suit the flange and not end up cracking or anything else less than ideal.
  10. I'm ok with this when collecting <4 cylinders, but otherwise twin scroll + v-band don't work for me, and throwing away pulse conversion also doesn't work for me, so your idea has flaws
  11. Yeah, knowing Garrett they won't do the G30 in T4 split pulse - they haven't seemed too popular. Would be nice if there were more standard V-band options, tbh I haven't looked too far into it but I'm not sure how far the v-band option for the G30 range will stretch. Be nice if you could go all the way to a G35-1050 or something else with the same flange.
  12. Do you have any preferences in terms of flange? As per Gtsboy, surprised you didn't mention the EFR range and did Precision - Precision are not really big players at this kind of power range and Borg Warner are arguably king, the G series looking like at best they are only just catching up to the EFR range. I haven't found a single result for G30s, yet- not for lack of keeping an eye out. I would love to see a G30 770 on a set up like this so just do it I suspect that it has a chance to be a banger of s thing for that power target, not just saying that because I want to see someone do it. If you are feeling adventurous the Xona Rotor XR7164S with the trick UHF turbine looks mega interesting but could be raising the hand for being a guinea pig. There are at least local dealers for Xona now and the results for the UHF range that I've seen so far have been pretty nuts so an intriguing option.
  13. The finger over the lens at the end definitely a master stroke!
  14. Hahahaaha I saw the other comments and expected that the other guys were just ripping on you for nothing, but holy crap that is actually impressively bad, good to see it driving but that video is so bad I'm impressed!
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