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  1. Rare R32 GTR Nismo 4 way adjustable shock absorbers. Old Logo In great condition. Still holding pressure etc. Suit period correct style build. Have the stock springs to go with them if needed. Fronts 56110-RN583 Rears 56210-RN583 $830 + $50 Posted anywhere in Aus. Located Wodonga Vic
  2. Hard to believe when I first joined this forum back in 2004 there were posts warning people not to import sub 20k R32 GTR's as they were most likely money pits (probably true at the time). I kinda wish I did, even if it just sat in the garage but hey 🤷‍♂️ There is a natural market curve of vehicle value which usually dips at around 10 years, bottoming out at around 20 years, and then recovering from that point on - obviously this doesn't apply to all vehicles. My take is the above, plus years of USA pent-up JDM lust now being relieved by now legally being able import these cars combined with social media & youtube personalities like tommyfyeah restoring, importing and collecting super rare parts in an increasingly smaller market has created a market bubble in this scene with no sign of bursting anytime soon. Can only be a good thing for those who have already bought in 🙂
  3. Doing an OEM / Nismo restoration and already have some struts. Just missing the springs.
  4. Thanks, definitely an option. I had import monster and Jesse quote to send over before Christmas broker fees aren't the problem but shipping companies are practically asking you to cut off your right arm with their exorbitant charges these days 😰 Figured I'd try here first before taking the hit on sourcing from yahoo Japan 🤞
  5. Probably a long shot, but after a set of R32GTR Nismo S-Tune springs (will also take springs and shocks together). Not too worried about condition.
  6. Can the factory style cruise, including wiring to the dash cluster light be fitted by anyone in Melbourne?
  7. Great read! Ive also been to Russia, we drove by bus from Helsinki to St Peterburg... insane drivers on the road! but St Pete's is incredible. Awesome to see there is a JDM scene there
  8. Would the usdm centre unit still display the trip and distance in miles once swapped over to a JDM cluster?
  9. Hi Space-Man, does the mirror camera still work with the AU infiniti system?
  10. Lekker thread zo ver, gaat an geweldig auto weneer het klaar is! Groetjes vanuit Australië..
  11. Agree with above approach. I recall reading on SAU years ago of people spending hundreds on Motul Chrono 300V and changing it every 5000kms of street driving on their mildly modded car... Most likely this is overkill for the street and a waste of money but as they say; a fool and his money are easily....
  12. That's a fair point, but I bet these days its unlikely any of the oils sold are likely going to cause an engine to self destruct. I ended up referring to another forum bobistheoilguy.com and think I'll settle with an oil I can readily pick up from autobarn etc relatively cheap at $85 for 5L that seems to have good feedback from used oil analysis tests and users in general. Looks like I will settle with Liqui-Moly 5w30 Leichtluft special LL (seems Nissan run liqui-moly in their bathurst 12H GTR as well) and I'll run genuine filters.
  13. I've got about another 250kms left until I'll be due for the first service since I've owned my V36. I've been looking at the Martini Racing Oil line, but can't seem to workout where to buy it. What are the current recommended good quality oils I should be looking into?
  14. Had ceramic paint protection coating applied to the paint about 3 months ago and decided I'd give my 370 a wash and snap a photo over the weekend. Really happy with the ceramic coating!
  15. Some time ago I spoke to a laser etching place in the Brisbane area the idea being to remove black paint on existing buttons (either sand it down or remove with acetone) spray black dash paint over the top of existing buttons then re-etch English words over the top in matching font. I Never got around to doing it to see how well it would turn out, but the place said indicated it would work quite well.
  16. Sure, you need to Contact Nagoya Motors in Sydney. Pretty sure everything is functional aside from the Japanese voice. As I understand it the GPS has an english voice though...
  17. 1. Not too hard. For what its worth the 370GT is the same as the infiniti G37S which is sold in Australia and the USA. The 370GT also shares the same engine and driveline as the 370Z so another plus there. The in car entertainment is the biggest difference as its a japanese system (note: this can be changed to english for approx $2.5k) so if this ever has issues it would probably mean sourcing spares from an importer at this point in time. 2. Yes although I dont know what sort as I havent had to worry about a baby seat yet. I have seen some posts around about the anchor point needing am adaptor?? Someone else should be able to answer this with more info.
  18. This is the legalis-r exhaust. Same style as stock I believe... Not my car just another I found on google images...
  19. Provided the stock exhaust has not been modified / re-routed etc in any way I dont see any reason why it couldnt be changed back to stock
  20. I have an axle back Fujistubo on mine which came with the car from Japan (I think its a legalis-R but I have not been able to find one sold only as an axle back). The rest of the exhaust is stock. Sound is perfect for my needs, slight bark when car first kicks over when cold, which balances out to a subtle V6 rumble. The rest of the time the exhaust sound is very composed, not too loud and barely noticeable especially cruising at highway speeds. Things start to get a little more aggressive in terms of sound at 4.5k - 5k rpm and above.
  21. Looks like there is complete unit swap options for the R35 GTR now via a guy from Lithuania. I wonder if he would be able to conduct something similar for our V36's http://www.gtrheritage.com/topic/3284-2008-2009-r35-navigation-upgrade-to-latest-2010-2015-oem-entertaiment/
  22. Good episode this one. Though I often wonder how many owners fall victim to these shows only to have their car "ovrerhauled" or remade into something that ends miles off their intended expectations...
  23. Thanks mkn. At this stage not really, probably have cruise fitted, get the nav conversion to english maybe a full cat back exhaust but im actually really enjoying the car the way it is! Thanks GFXman yes the silver looks great and has some nice metallic it was either this one or a white that o was going to get
  24. A grille with the skyline "S" logo like the older models wouldnt look bad in my opinion. Provided it wasn't overly large and gaudy looking... Either that or perhaps "Skyline" or 370GT located on the lower right hand side of the grille Hakosuka style
  25. After going without a Skyline for almost 5 years due to the death of my old R33 RB25/30 setup Ive finally made the move into a more livable daily setup.... So Here's my recent purchase, 2008 370GT Type S with 32,000kms Pretty much stock aside from a Fujitsubo Legalis R Axel back exhaust (Didn't know you could only get that section without the whole cat back but anyway...) Have also re-styled my plates to the New NSW Import versions
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