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  1. Regarding weight, keep in mind there were many different sorts of zeds that all weight different from each other. ie, Targa Top or Slick Top, 2 seater, 4 seater or Convertible?, Manual or Auto, NA or Turbo? Hell, even luxuary features such as full electric seats vs non electric? HICAS? Cruise control? etc, you get the point. Obviously a 2 seater NA slicktop with non electric seats is not as heavy as a 2+2 TT Targatop with full electrics. As i'm sure you Skyline people will love the pun, Different boats for different folks Whenever you do see comparisons of weight though, the zed only nudges infront (but keep in mind the zed has the torque that more then makes up for it, the low centre of gravity and from all dyno comparisons I have seen, definatly not laggy). Dont know which option zed they are using though as it never says. Suffice to say, the zeds reputaion for a laggy overweight boat is very undeserved, but a lot of zed owners are happy with this rep as it keeps a lot of noobs out of them I see no one mentions the weights of Soarers, GTOs, SVXs?? They would typically be more in the heavyweight class I mean c'mon, we zedders would be in the same middle weight division as you lines! Having to remove the engine to change or fix turbos is a myth that is DEFINATLY BUSTED Modding the zed doesn't have to be expensive either. You could get boost jets to increase boost to 14psi for a few bucks, 2nd hand exhaust for a few hundred, ram pod and UD pulley and you could have yourself a very quick daily driver. The boost jets are not as fun as an electronic boost controller though. And if it were me, i'd spend the money on the cooling system, electrics, 100K service if unsure if its been done etc as anyone should with ANY 10-15 year old car. Not just 300ZXs! I also know of someone on the aus300zx forum who in his NA with a few monds managed a 14.53sec 1/4 mile. I believe it was on 17" wheels and street tyres too. Obviously a top driver but goes to show what a car getting on 15 years can do and thats not bad for an NA (and what you guys call heavy boats). I also see some of the NA guys on the track getting brilliant times and giving all the turbo skylines a hard run for their money. Overheating is another myth I have to say in my experience anyway. Any poorly maintained car will suffer from cooling issues and the zed or line is no exception. My car personally has never come close to overheating. On a 40 degree day (even with a FMIC) the water temps only reached 90 degrees at traffic lights. (UAS twin pass radiator). Highest its ever been. On a normal day its usually between 78 and 82. And on a cold winters night its even dropped to 67. Thats not overheating in my experience! As for underbonnet temps, a vented bonnet goes a long way (and looks cool) as all the heat goes out. Keep in mind you get what you pay for. A lot of young guys are getting stung by the $8000-$10000 lemons out there, that in some cases could need another $10000 JUST TO GET BACK TO SCRATCH! But you could spend $18000-$20000 on a ultra reliable, highly modded zed that barely needs any work. The Aussie delievered Zed back in 1989 was selling for $70000 and in 1996 was selling for $86000. The Turbo models I believe were way over $100K when new later on. Now while the price of these cars has dropped significantly, the price for parts and maintenence etc has not. These cars aren't cheap to maintain like other daily drivers so if your strapped for cash, dont buy a zed. And if you do buy a zed and dont look after it, dont expect it to look after you!
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