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  1. Body kit arrived so got all that fitted on and ordered new fans to replace the dodgy single one
  2. So on a tight budget I'm trying to spend as little as possible, limited time and no license doesn't help either. So starting I stripped the body kit and bonnet and orded new ones, also ordered a new water pump, wheel stud, got a service, wheel alignment and a Sparco steering wheel, the old one looked horrible and I also cleaned up the interior (gold, red, blue and black looks sooo good aha not)
  3. Can't afford to go crazy with money so I'm spending as little as I can plus with a limited amount off time. As well as having no license can be difficult organising parts. Bodykit arrived and fitted it all on just waiting for the bonnet so I can send it off to panel. Gonna go Bayside Blue
  4. Started by stripping the bonnet and body kit off which was held together by cable ties and orded a new one, also orded a new water pump, Sparco steering wheel and cleaned up the interior for now
  5. So bout time I brushed the dust off and got started more pics of when I bought it
  6. This is my 1993 Nissan 180sx which I recently bought to build into my drift car. This is my first build and only second car of ever owning (first car was a r34 gtt). I'm 19 with no mechanical training, helpful ccomments and tip would help alot
  7. Looks good keen to see how it goes Is it NA?
  8. So I went out on the weekend to look for a 180sx for my build and this is what I came home with.<br /><br />Sl180sx<br />*Not to sure what the SL stands for <br /><br /><br />Hopefully there will be a rb26 in there before Powercruise 2014
  9. R34 gtt skyline 51,000kms Midnight purple Close to standard engine rb25det 18'' Volk Racing wheels on Contintals (About 90% thread) K&N Pod Filter HKS Blowoff valve (Plumbed back) Yellow Jacket coilovers Turbo smart boost tee Apexi Turbo timmer Apexi catback exhaust Exedy HD clutch installed 9 months ago by Hyperdrive Performance Apexi Power FC ECU Tein adjustable coilovers all round Nismo Bodykit De-spoilered boot Nismo 300km/hr dash Alpine CD/DVD/Mp3 head unit with GPS and Bluetooth hands free Amp and Subwoofer in boot Aftermarket Black interior roof (Previously Cream) Sparco Steering wheel $19,000 Call or Message 0499770603
  10. J3NKINS

    Before Ive Done Work To Her

    pics of my car as i baught it
  11. keen for a drive anyone wanna join

  12. J3NKINS

    Import Cruise

    yeah havent seen anyone on here organise a cruise for a while and i think its long over due
  13. J3NKINS

    Import Cruise

    i can help organise it just need someone to help with info like where to go, what time is best, and FYI can be any import not just skylines
  14. J3NKINS

    Import Cruise

    keen on going on a import cruise but need someone to oragnise it as i dont know much about the area somewere on the coast or something
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