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  1. Hey I've put a deposit on a really clean 4 door GTT. I have a few reservations though which I noticed after inspecting it and leaving a deposit. The front bonnet latch bracket is black (not grey) and also, I'm not sure if it's my eyes, but the radiator support panel looks like a different colour grey to the rest of engine bay. The car is really tidy but I'm slightly worried now that it's been crashed. The wheel alignment also had a slight pull to the left when driving. Any panel experts care to weigh in?
  2. Coming back to SAU yet again since Holden forums are full of inbreds with an IQ of about zero. I just bought a VY SS ute that has an OTRCAI. Are they legal? Well, I don't really care if they are or not, but I need a RWC, so my question should be; 'Will an OTRCAI pass or comply with a Victorian roadworthy inspection? Professional advice greatly appreciated. Cheers m8's
  3. Really? Everything I've read/heard has said that the IRS Holden handles better or at least feels more balanced front to rear than the Ford. I guess I'll have to try to drive both. Cheers, that helps. I really prefer the looks and interior of the Holden, but the power delivery of a turbo 6 is probably what I miss the most. I need a Maloo with a Barra swap, that would be the dream.
  4. Short Story: Sold skyline, people told me I would regret it Regretted it Bought 4wd Miss fast car Long story: I miss having a quick car for the street. My 260rwkw R33 had the perfect amount of power, and I never really got tired of how quick it was. Handling is important to me and I've done a few track days, but power is definitely placed higher in my criteria. The problem with my skyline was a) they're old and getting harder to find parts for, and b) theft is out of control in VIC so I couldn't really drive it anywhere and leave it without paranoia kicking in. I'm looking at getting a V8 ute now, probably a 6L L76 VZ SS or a VZ Maloo. I'd look at something like an F6 Tornado too, if it wasn't for that live axle rear end. Has anyone got firsthand experience with these? I've never driven one, so I'm not sure what to expect apart from more boat-like handling, which is okay. I'd be getting a manual in either case, and if I got the SS instead of the Maloo, could probably splurge on a supercharger to waken it up a bit. I'm sorry to say but this whole JDM wank-fest which has come about over the last few years has made so many once bargain performance cars unobtainable, or a terrible rip off, so getting back in a Nissan is probably off the table for now. Cheers
  5. Sediment in Coolant? Has anyone seen this before? I've just bought a 2006 Mitsubishi Triton and it has a brown flaky sediment in the cooling system. The stuff isn't gooey like oil mixed with water, and instead is a flaky particulate which when rubbed disintegrates into nothing. It was mostly in the coolant reservoir, accumulated at the bottom of the bottle but also on the walls at the water level. I'd say there was about a half a teaspoon of the stuff in there. I pulled the upper radiator hose off and it seems to be lining the walls of the hose, however here i had to use my fingernail to scrape it off as opposed to it just rubbing away easily. I've seen oil mixed with water in head gasket cases but it seems to form a more solid, milky gooey mass. This stuff is more like tiny specs of matter which when rubbed basically just disintegrate like I mentioned above. The car doesn't appear to lose any oil or coolant. I've cleaned it all up and will see if it reappears, just not sure what it is? Possibly hose rot or contaminated coolant? Pics attached.
  6. Hand Controller sold. Remaining: Turbo: $80 Studs: $40 Spacers: $20
  7. a simple 'no thanks' would go a long way instead of leaving people hanging
  8. Apexi PowerFC Hand Controller Late model FCC3 so compatible with most FC units. Good cosmetic condition with a few scratches, works perfectly. $220
  9. Nismo Long Hub Bolt For R33 These measure 10mm longer than stock, and offer greater security for aftermarket wheels/nuts. Splines and threads all perfect. Nismo Part Number: 40222-RS035 $50 Aluminium 3mm Spacer Hubcentric 114.3 PCD Spacer for fine tuning offset. $20
  10. This 1996 Nissan Skyline is in beautiful condition. It has a genuine 123,000km and has had its 100,000km service performed on schedule. I have all service receipts plus the original Japanese auction papers to verify condition. This car has never been written off, stolen, crashed or abused. It is one of the cleanest examples I have ever seen. Highlights include: •Serviced every 5,000km with full synthetic oil and filter. •HyperGear Highflow turbo and Apexi PowerFC ECU •NPC Organic 10" Clutch •440cc Injectors •260rwkw •Apexi N1 turbo back exhaust system. •Factory option Clarion sound system. •High quality alarm and immobiliser fitted. It is rare to come across an R33 in this condition. Inspections are more than welcome for serious buyers. Test drives will be performed by myself until a deposit has been left. Custom plates will be removed upon sale and replaced with general issue. $12,000 with RWC or $11,500 without. Rego until July 2017. PM or 0411 582 453
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