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  1. 25de+t head on 26det block I got an r32 gts recently. its a bit of a Frankenstein project in that its running an RB25de+t head(08U) on a RB26det block(05U). A gtr ecu untuned Im assuming, & gtr injectors. When I first got it, it was running real rough & would only start aided with engine start. I couldnt find a resistor pack in the loom so I peeled it open & found that someone has wired 10w10ohm resistors inline on each injector. So I got an OEM gtr resistor pack & wired it into the loom now it starts like it should but its still running rough. It idles fine & slowly rides off in first ok but as soon as I give it a bit more gas it coughs & misses. Im just looking for some advice/input/interest in this thing to keep me motivated on getting it running right.
  2. 1 being stock, 7 being wet dream, id give it a solid high 2 to low 3ish. just bolt it on
  3. not guna bother with dyno. video maybe 1 day if i get round to it
  4. I just put this on my 25det. Goes hard! Whats wrong with yours?
  5. Is there a guide available on how to re-install both airbags 33 s2 please!!? (Sorry if im not supposed to post this here)
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