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  1. i realize that this thread is from 2005 and that there is probably a very slim chance of you still having it, but i would love that woodgrain ashtray
  2. Ok after some research i found a list off all the ecu codes and what they mean here it is if anyone else is every looking for it. Posted by user: andygts www.skylineowners.com R33 23710-13U00 01/96-06/96 RB25DET MT F5 23710-13U01 06/96- RB25DET MT F5 23710-13U10 06/96- RB25DET AT F5 23710-15U00 08/93-01/95 RB20E MT 23710-15U10 08/93-01/95 RB20E AT F4 23710-15U60 01/95-01/96 RB20E MT F5 23710-15U70 01/95-01/96 RB20E AT F4 23710-17U00 08/93-09/93 RB25DE MT 23710-17U01 11/93-04/94 RB25DE MT 2WD+HI.2WD 23710-17U03 04/94-01/95 RB25DE MT 2WD+HI.2WD 23710-17U10 08/93-09/93 RB25DE AT F5 23710-17U11 09/93-04/94 RB25DE AT F5 23710-17U13 04/94-01/95 RB25DE AT F5 23710-17U60 01/95-01/96 RB25DE MT F5 2WD+HI/2WD 23710-17U70 01/95-01/96 RB25DE AT F5 23710-21U00 08/93-09/93 RB25DET MT 23710-21U01 09/93-04/94 RB25DET MT 23710-21U02 04/94-07/94 RB25DET MT 23710-21U03 07/94-01/95 RB25DET MT 23710-21U10 08/93-09/93 RB25DET AT F4 23710-24U11 09/93-04/94 RB25DET AT F4 23710-21U12 04/94-07/94 RB25DET AT F4 23710-21U13 07/94-01/95 RB25DET AT F4 23710-21U60 01/95-08/95 RB25DET MT F5 23710-21U61 08/95-01/96 RB25DET MT F5 23710-21U70 01/95-08/95 RB25DET AT F4 23710-21U71 08/95-01/96 RB25DET AT F4 23710-23U00 11/93-04/94 RB25DE MT 2K.4WD + 4S 23710-23U02 04/94-01/95 RB25DE MT 2K.4WD + 4S 23710-23U10 11/93-04/94 RB25DE AT F4 23710-23U12 04/94-01/95 RB25DE AT F4 23710-23U60 01/95-01/96 RB25DE MT F5 4S + GTS4 23710-23U70 01/95-01/96 RB25DE AT F4 23710-24U00 01/95-01/96 RB26DETT 23710-24U01 01/96- RB26DETT 23710-26U00 01/96- RB20E MT F5 23710-26U10 01/96- RB20E AT F4 23710-28U00 01/96- RB25DE MT F5 2WD 23710-28U10 01/96- RB25DE AT F4 2WD 23710-29U00 01/96- RB25DE MT F5 4WD 23710-29U10 01/96- RB25DE AT F4 4WD
  3. i decided to sell some of my r33 parts and i found 3 ecu's, but i dont know what model they are from, i noticed a sticker on them that has what looks like different codes, does anyone know how to tell the difference between the different series and model ecu's? one ecu i have has G8 on it, and the other 2 have TJ on them.
  4. oh, i just realised, i sold you the dash a while back! #@89CAL
  5. I have found a picture of a series 2 r33 that i quite liked, it had a lip on the bumper, i'll add a picture to show, i own a white series 2, and i would like to do this with mine but im not sure where to buy the front lip if anyone knows please let me know! i also like the series 2 sedan lights in the front. and this is mine, it's not outstanding but i like it
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