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  1. Price dropped to $16750. I must sell this car before I leave on Boxing Day!
  2. Make: Nissan Model: 1998 R34 Skyline 25GT Milage: Approximately 53,500 (see photo) Transmission: Manual Colour: White Location: Sydney North Shore Complied? Yes RWC supplied? Pink Slip supplied Currently registered? Until July 2008 Price: $17,500 PRICE NEGOTIABLE (Make an offer) Contact: Jono - 0438592473 or PM me Comments / Modifications: Car comes with a full body Altia bodykit (often incorrectly referred to as a Nismo Bodykit). Car comes with 4 stacker CD player, but it's quite old and is sometimes a bit temperamental. This car is in fantastic condition, and has never been involved in a major accident or needed any major repairs. I should be able to get a print out of the mechanic log book (I initially took the car to Unique Autosports for the first year and a half that I owned it, and then I started taking it to Goodspanner in Brookvale). The only thing that I have had done whilst owning the car was to replace the coils (something quite common to Skylines) - other than that I have had absolutely no mechanical problems at all. This is a perfect car for a P plater, or for someone wanting work on a Skyline in great condition from the ground upwards. I have owned it since the middle of 2004, and bought it from North Shore Prestige Motors with 32,000km. The car was in fantastic condition when I purchased it, as it was the first R34 that the shop had complianced, and therefore needed to be in great condition in order for the shop to receive their ability to compliance R34s. The only notable damage to the car is a scratch on the rear boot caused by some idiot keying my car whilst I was at cricket. I will however be getting this fixed prior to me parting with the car. If the buyer would prefer to arrange for it to be fixed themselves, then this is fine, and I will happily knock off the cost of getting it fixed off the price. There are also a few minor asthetic imperfections on the front bar of the car, but these will come out with a good buffing. Interior wise, the car is in great condition - the only damage at all is a slight crack in the housing of the spare tyre jack (in the boot of the car). I have checked out Carsales and other major car websites and think that the price I am offering my car at is very reasonable considering the fact that it has lower kms than almost any other R34 non-turbos for private sale on the internet, as well as being in overall great condition. This car has NEVER been driven recklessly or thrashed. Any of my friends would attest that I am the complete opposite to the stereotypical Skyline driver. I lost 3 points for talking on a mobile while exiting a cricket field during my first year of owning the car, and thus learnt to drive like a Grandma for the majority of the first year I had my P's (I only had one point remaining during this time). Please contact me today to arrange a test drive asap. I am working heaps leading up to my departure to the states on the 26th December, and therefore have a tight schedule in selling this car. That said, I'll do my best to accomodate your schedules in arranging an in person meeting. Images: See attachments.
  3. It applies to everything though. Web domains anyone?
  4. Thanks for the great suggestions. I already have an advertisement up at MrPlates, and might put one in the paper. Cheers!
  5. My dad recently asked me to selling the number plate he has had for a couple of years. It is one that would appeal specifically to Porsche Boxster owners, as it is simply [ 987S ] which is the model number of the latest Boxster. Anyway, I was wondering what the best method to sell this plate would be. If I were to believe some of the number plate websites, I should be able to get quite a bit of money for it, but I don't know how to go about doing so. We also have 986S, but he currently uses that on his actual car, and probably wouldn't be too keen to part with it. Any suggestions would be welcome!
  6. What state are you in, and which company is this with? I have had my car for over three years now, and my full comprehensive insurance is still over $2500. Just car have always stated to me that they do not distinguish between R34 25GT's and their turbo counterparts. When I first got the car it was well over $3000. I have never made a claim where I have been at fault.
  7. EDIT: Decided to sell later this year
  8. Sorry, but I think you are overrating the performance of the R34 non-turbos in this post. If you drive any car like an idiot there's a chance you'll have an accident, but compared to a turbo'd Skyline as a first car, I think you'd have much lesser chance of being involved in any serious accidents. Like I said though, drive like an idiot in any car, and you'll have yourself a write off eventually. Also, you accusing him of being jealous made me laugh out loud. It's clear that you think that you have some sort of moral foothold over him, simply since his parents are purchasing his first car. Would you pass up the chance to have your first car purchased for you by your parents? Unlikely. If on the other hand you can prove that your parents offered you a non turbo R34, which you passed up, then I'll respect your comments. Until then however, get off your high horse.
  9. @ MissR34 and STLKHR To suggest that not paying for your car will automatically make you treat your car worse than someone who paid for it with their own money is, well, absolute bullsh*t. Of course you will get kids who have been "spoon fed" their entire lives, and treat their possessions with no respect, but please save us from making such blanket generalizations as you both have done. I have NEVER done a burn out in my car (I don't even know the technique - and have never been compelled to find out). I also drive like a grandma (which often pisses off back seat drivers when they drive with me), and never knowingly speed (I lost 3 points just after getting my license for talking on a mobile phone, so I basically did the majority of my first few months of licensed driving on 1 point). Perhaps I am an exception (in fact I am sure I am, when you think of the price of insurance - there must be a reason it's so high!), but regardless, I take comments such as "oh your parents bought you your car, YOU WON'T RESPECT IT!!!" with quite offence. Given similar situations, I'm sure basically anyone would appreciate the opportunity to have your first car bought by your parents. I would not consider myself to be spoilt or spoon fed (anyone who knows me would I'm sure back me up), so such assumptions obviously are quite offensive. Also STLKHR, the way you commented in caps, and made "DADY" references comes across as simple immature jealousy. Anyway, I'll let you and MissR34 get back to congratulating eachother on your great morals.
  10. I was in the same boat 3 years ago (though an S2000 back then was much more than $32000). Anyway, just think long and hard before getting an R34 25GT for your first car. Sure they are beautiful cars, which attract attention, but alot of this attention can be unwanted. For instance, My car has been keyed, swiped (and the person did a runner), and had eggs thrown at it/tires let down numerous times. Furthermore, insurance and registration are ridiculously expensive - if your parents refuse to support the costs of the car, you'll be hit with the harsh reality that cars like this, are bloody expensive to keep running. Finally, if you still decide that you want an R34 25GT in great condition and with low KMs (<50,000), PM me Also, to STLKHR, aint jealousy a bitch?
  11. Hey everyone, As insurance comes around for another year, I have decided to sell my R34 N/A Skyline. Basic Information: Kilometres: 52,000km (20,000km of which have been in the 3 years since purchase) Transmission: Manual Body: 2 Door Service History: I have had my car serviced twice a year since owning it. It has had no mechanical problems except for the replacement of coils. Condition: The rims are quite scratched, but apart from that, it is in good condition. Some jerk keyed the rear boot, but I will be getting that fixed before selling the car. Apart from that, there is just a minimal amount of scratches on the underside of the front bumper. Mechanically I am told the car is in extremely good condition. Bonuses: Has a 4 stacker CD player (Japanese brand), and an Altia bodykit (nice front bumper, side skirts and an excessively large spoiler). Apart from that, it is completely stock. Never thrashed or raced (I lost all but 1 point on my Red P's after about two months of owning the car - for talking on a mobile phone, so I became incredibly anal about safe driving). How much do you think that I would be able to get for it? I was hoping to get in the high teens. Is this realistic? What should be my initial price? Taking a look at Carsales, it seems that the average price for selling an R34 25GT would be around $18,000, and basically all of them have a significant amount more kms on them than mine. I was thinking I'll list it for around $19,500 with rego till July 2008? Cheers everyone!
  12. After losing a close game of cricket yesterday, I came back to my car and found that some little shit had keyed my car (the boot). Luckily it was only 1 panel, but it still annoys the crap out of me and will still cost quite a bit to fix (I'll need to get it resprayed since it went completely through the paint) - what possesses a person to do this sort of thing? Perhaps jealousy? Anyway, it really put a dampener on what was otherwise a good day of cricket. Have any of you had your cars keyed? It's just another reason that I will probably be selling my car next year - put simply, it attracts too much attention, and the fact that I don't have a garage to house it under, makes it a prime target overnight. Not to mention that amount of birdsh*t I wake up to each day! My rain shield on the drivers window also snapped off during the recent windy months we've encountered. Cheers
  13. I have the following DVDs for sale: Halloween (Directed by John Carpenter) - Single Disc Edition - $7 + P&H James Bond Mini DVD set (5 movies - Dr No, On Her Majesty's Secret Service, The Spy Who Loved Me, Moonraker and The Man with the Golden Gun) - Entire Set $60 + P&H - I bought this set in Hong Kong so it is probably NTSC. That said, it could be PAL (I will have to double check). Neither price includes shipping, but shipping won't cost much, and I would be willing to meet up with someone in Sydney. The Halloween DVD has been watched once, and with regards to the bond movies, only The Spy Who Loved Me, OHMSS and The Man with the Golden Gun have been watched more than once. As such, all DVDs are in very good condition. I am also pretty pedantic with my DVD collection (I am a huge collector of DVDs) so I generally keep them in good condition, and rarely lend them to other people. Reasons for selling - I recently got the new complete James Bond collection, and just purchased the entire Halloween DVD set today, so I don't want duplicates! Questions can be asked in this thread or PM'd (I would prefer them to be asked in this thread so that others who might have the same questions can see them) I need the money so that I can purchase the Indianna Jones DVD collection Cheers!
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