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  1. Hey guys! i did read the article PRP wrote about the oil relief valve rb26 has in its stock oil / water cooler. i have removed mine for my new build (just replaced with a sandwich + mocal thermostat with all stock sensors + lines to oil cooler) are these oil relief valves really that big deal? i have seen so many people removed the housings without any issues? would you guys reinstall a stock filter housing instead? I cant remember i have been using the filter housing on any of my previous cars and they have been pretty heavy modified without any issues. But the article did actually make me think about reinstalling one even if its a pain in the ass under the plenum
  2. Hello, i have been searching for gearboxes for a while now and i cant really make up my mind. The car will be street driven so the gearbox must have a reverse and be able to downshift by itself etc. Seen some people using powerglide t400 / t700 and liberty gearboxes etc, but the liberty gearbox (clutchless) seem to be pain in the ass for roaduse? anyony got any suggestions here? the gearbox must hold for atleast 1200 bhp Best regards
  3. Ive been looking in EU mostly, since i couldent find anything there i went here. is it any special place i can buy them that cheap now? or just from anyone thats a OS giken dealer? Would save alot of money to buy them in europe
  4. The problem is i cant find ANYONE in the world with OS giken 5speed kits in stock, and its several months until they are made again? i really wanna drive the car this year!
  5. Im located in Sweden (europe) Right now im running 707AWHP (1,6bar boost) gonna run more. the car is used for road mostly and some 1/4 1/8 mile / street races etc. So you know any shops that has those OS giken kits in stock? I know the getrag got short gears but aint those close ratios gears almost same as getrag?
  6. Hello ive been searching alot for a uprated R33 gtr gearbox or a rebuild kit with stronger 1-4 gears (close ratio) I cant make my mind at all on what route im gonna take. First OS giken = 12 months delivery is way to much for me right now, but the price and quality on OS giken one is the perfect match for me, 2nd R34 GTR gearbox + swapkit, anyone know if any companies source those? 3rd PPG 1-4 close ratio, 3 times as expensive vs OS giken ones? why? with work and stuff this kit is kinda close a OS giken / Quaife Sequential gearbox... 4th the Speedtek close ratio? seen a thread thats 2 years old that dident look so promising, anyone else running this with sucess?
  7. Hello im after a R34 gtr swap kit in good condition or a sequential gearbox PPG, etc or a 5spd with reinforced stuff inside it like OS giken. best regards!
  8. Here is a picture of the Connector housing The cables thats from pin 13/14 is in the brown thick cover
  9. So None knows what Connector housing im talking about? Best regards!
  10. So i made a thread some weeks ago and i had some 4wd problems and a couple of fault codes on my Attesa box. Now i just have 1 fault code remaining and thats NR:1 Thats The Right front wheel sensor. Been going thru the loom and it looks fine. Started to follow it from the Attesa ECU and it should be the cables from PIN 13 and 14 that leads towards the Front Right Sensor. A couple of CM from the connector to the ECU the cables merged into one Larger Brown protection "cable" That thing goes all the way to where the pedals is located and then the brown "cable shield" is removed and the 2 cables from PIN 13 and 14 (black and white) goes into a Connector housing that isnt connected somewhere. So anyone has any idea where this is supposed to connect? Best regards!
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