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  1. Hertz Donut

    Since we're using ours for the school runs etc we've had no issues at all with a ~120km max range. We're saving around $500/m on petrol compared to running around in one of the Stageas ($120/m power vs $620/m fuel). At this rate it'll pay for itself in 2 years and 9 months.
  2. Hertz Donut

    I never realised the monsoon shields were options, both mine have them and all the ones I've seen around have them too.
  3. Hertz Donut

    Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying it'll see off a staged Evo or anything, but the average 6 cylinder Falcodore pilot who thinks he'll give it a shove from idle at the lights in town and walk away with everyone suitably impressed by his massive appendage is in for a shock. I've owned quicker cars for sure, but from 0-50km/h it'll surprise a few people.
  4. Hertz Donut

    My wife drives it a lot more than me and she says she hasn't been beaten yet. And obviously she can tell when the other person is trying cos of the engine noise. It's bloody hilarious. We've also found that the Guessometer is pretty accurate since we live in a fairly flat area (drags not withstanding). @KiwiRS4T yep, got a 24kW version, I did a fair bit of research before we made the choice so read about the 30kW dramas. I never realised the Fairlane was actually real, that's brilliant. *Looks out window at Stageas...*
  5. Hertz Donut

    Just another quick threadjack: We ended up buying one ourselves, a 2013 X-spec with 11 bars and 43km on the clock. Seems to have been very well cared for (was a 4.5 auction grade) but we'll take care of that. Haven't even mentioned Leafs (Leaves?) to the mother-in-law yet. Heh. It's "peppier" than I thought it would be...
  6. Hertz Donut

    ^Truth. I took mine to the wrecker a couple of weeks ago and engaged in some private road testing along the way. Smoking a 235/40R18 was ridiculously easy, even with 305,000km of abuse on the clock. Instantly regretted getting rid of it. PS: My new Leaf loses traction if I nail it from a standstill. What am I doing wrong? Not enough shopping bags in the boot?
  7. Hertz Donut

    Alex my son I think it would be best for someone in the Hawkes Bay region to fit a decent set of these on an M35, or maybe even a Leaf. I am willing to make that sacrifice, and I will require no payment for my service, because I love you like only a Jerk truly can. Mwah.
  8. Hertz Donut

    Noted: Thrash Leaf, always.
  9. Hertz Donut

    Thanks for the info and update. I've been reading up a bit more and chatting to my wife about this and we're quite likely going to to sell/trade one of the M35s and get one ourselves. She's an accountant (or was til I ruined her with kids) so can see the value in using one for doing the school/shopping runs since she'd rarely go over about 80km in a day. There's a couple of 24kW 2012 models locally that she's going to try out, I'm guessing the one for $16K is the better option given the better SOH? https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/nissan/auction-1544057932.htm?rsqid=9f4d2f9c513d4059b8b9db9022cd282c https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/nissan/auction-1544058197.htm?rsqid=9f4d2f9c513d4059b8b9db9022cd282c I also see rhdjapan has over 40% off Blitz ZZRs at the moment. Not that I'd mod it or anything...
  10. Hertz Donut

    ZOMBIE THREAD!! I'm lazy so not sure if you've still got this car, buuuuut... After 5 years what sort of issues are you seeing, if any? Your usage seems to be about as varied as anyone can expect. We're organising my in-laws' life for them now that they're getting on a bit and their '98 Subaru is a pile o' crap, so a new car is one of the items on the to-do list. I'm angling towards getting them to buy a Leaf for around town and convincing them that if they want to go on a road trip in a bigger car then just hire an ICE car for a week or so. I'd rather read it from a long-term owner than rely on comments sections on MSM sites from people who deny Australia exists. Thanks. Also, does it dose?
  11. Hertz Donut

    Two of them are mine. Love doing the Napier-Taupo run in them.
  12. Hertz Donut

    Erk, sorry, that should have said "I haven't had to do the rears..."
  13. Hertz Donut

    If the fronts are anything like a PNM35 ('04+) then you better have hands like a Geisha girl to get out one of the left-side strut top mount bolts. It sits under an A/C pipe so expect to use some inappropriate language. Other than that, pretty simple stuff. I had to do the rears but from pictures I've seen it'll be easier than the front. The stock springs are pretty stout and ate one of my spring compressors because I didn't get enough coils in between the jaws, so try to get as many coils as you can between them.
  14. Hertz Donut

    Both my PNM35s seem to be about the same fuel economy. Seeing 8.8l/100km on the (windy, hilly NZ) open road up to just over 12l/100km in stop/start traffic. Considering factory 50/70 economy rating is 12.5l/100km I'm quite happy with what I'm getting. I'm not babying them either.
  15. Hertz Donut

    I guess on the bright side, every Spring thaw must be like Christmas since you get to pull the wrapper off the GTR again. Driving the Civic would be like a reset button on your concept of a quick car. You could always pick up a G35X for some quick(ish), cheap(?) Winter thrills.