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  1. hey im really interested although where abouts are you from
  2. mz_skyline


    Rank Rotary, its my first cousin and i hav seen wot he can do with carshe specialises in rotary's and turbo's go to rankrotary.com
  3. i would pay $14.000 If delivered to melbourne
  4. Hey im really interested and i am willing 2 pay $14.400 cash
  5. Or how about $15,000 without the system, Coz if it is worth $3000 on its own you would get $15.000 from the car and $3.000 from the system so u would get more then u are asking for
  6. hi, i am really interested, i havent found many black 32 that are manual. i know i would be pushing it but my offer would be about $16k.
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