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  1. My 2010 V36 250GT. Live in Tokyo, enjoying the TV tuner while driving. BBS style rims Tanabe Sustec Pro Coilovers And in future some dark window tint at the back. And thats probably about all I want to do with her.
  2. Hi, Looking for a r33 series 1 front bar and grill. Bonus if its in silver. Let us know. chopobo@gmail.com located in S.E suburbs melbourne Thanks
  3. how much for the front pipe turbo dump and high flow cat btw what color is the car?
  4. got a avcr for sale, still in very good condition. it has wiring, solenoids..minus box/books. you can find that online. it has been sprayed black, and with a red cover so it lights up reddish/orange. still have the blue cover if you want to change that over. $400, postage extra. sms/call 0413 848 870 Located in S.E suburbs Melbourne
  5. how much for just the front, dump and high flow cat? what brand are they? stainless?
  6. haha wasn't saying it was a bad thing was a good thing should of done a few more laps. the speed hump at the entrance is a killer for the lowered cars. remember seeing the black supra take it at a very wide angle lol.
  7. nice to meet some of you all. good run down wellington rd although short lol and good one for taking a wrong turn so we could do another circuit lap of the place lol
  8. mate has a 180 and other mate has a mr2 is it strictly jap imports?
  9. is this cruise restricted to members? I'm not a member but will interested in tagging along. might bring a few mates and their cars aswell. what do we need in terms of bbq stuff?
  10. Hi everyone, Have 3 tyres for sale. 2 x Yokohama AVS ES100 tyres. Size: 245/45/18 Treadwear: Fair bit of meat left (good for 6~12 months?) Reason for sale: profile is too big for my car. Price: $100 for both 1 x Bridgestone Potenza RE050A Run Flat tyre Size: 255/35/18 Treadwear: Also a fair bit of meat left on this tyre. Reason for sale: originally had 2 but one went flat and had to get rid of it. So decided to get new tyres instead. Price: $50 take it away Please contact me on: chopobo@hotmail.com or call/sms after 6pm weekdays on 0423814946 Strictly pick up from S.E Suburbs Cheers, Lawrence Pics: Yokohamas: es100s 01 es100s 02 es100s 03 es100s 04 es100s 05 es100s 06 Potenzas: re050as 01 re050as 02 re050as 03 re050as 04 re050as 05
  11. what needs to be done to this part to make it fit? 22. R33 GT Front Bar (Stretched, needs work to fit) - $50
  12. chopobo

    Snow Chains

    well speaking from experience the way they arrange parking up there is pretty dodgy and the car i drove got hit on the bumper by some 4wd while parked. Lucky some lady saw and wrote down the rego for us. thats one incentive not to bring the GTR there. The parking is awkward and the road up is very narrow. You'll understand when you get there. If it was another mountain like Falls Creek its different. More car friendly. And you will hate the drive up. BawBaw might seem closer to metropolitan melbourne but its 70km of narrow twisty roads and if you get stuck behind a convoy of cars which is likely, there is little chance to overtake, so you suffer doing 70km of twisty tight roads at slow 40km/hr pace. Sheer torture.
  13. chopobo

    Snow Chains

    went baw baw last season you definitely need chains the incline up the slope is pretty steep and it doesn't seem like they clear the roads properly so its covered in ice. had a lot of trouble last year with a fwd mazda3 with chains getting up. i would suggest taking a different car up there, as the car will be prone to damage from various factors.
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