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  1. For sale: 1997 Nissan 180SX Type X, white Asking Price: ***SOLD*** Kilometres: 80k Manual or Automatic transmission: Manual 5 spd Engine Type: SR20DET 2.0L black top turbocharged Modifications: Factory: • Power tinted windows • Power steering • Digital climate control with air-con • Electric foldable mirrors • Sunroof • Airbag • ABS • Original leather steering wheel and gear knob Chassis & body • Bomex front bar • Clear indicators • Raybrig lenses with blue-white globes Engine & cooling • Blitz LM intercooler • K& N pod filter with custom heat-shield • 3” custom turbo-back exhaust with interchangeable “hot-dog” section and X-Force cannon muffler • Engine damper • Blitz BOV • GTR fuel pump Suspension & steering • Lowered King springs • Cusco strut braces, front and rear • 17” SSA rims with new rubber Brakes & drivetrain • Cusco brake-pump stopper • Nismo solid-shifter • Racing differential • Razo pedals Electrical & audio • Aust. Certified 3 pt. Mongoose immobiliser/alarm • 3x Omori gauges; exhaust temp, oil temp and oil press • Autometer Phantom boost gauge • Turbo timer • Alpine CDM-7874EB HU • Greddy Profec A EBC • Pivot speed limiter cut • Pivot Headlight Retractor (“sleepy eyes” unit) • Pivot Air Fuel Conditioner (AFC) Complianced: Yes, January 2004 Road Worth Certificate: Yes, provided upon purchase Registration: Yes, till December 2006 Crash History: No Accident History - Inspection Welcome Other Comment's about the vehicle: Extremely quick clean car up for regretful sale. I’m the second owner since it landed in January 2004; first owner imported and owned it for only two weeks. Has been garaged and babied since purchase, only a mere 20k covered in two years! Serviced and washed regularly with receipts to prove. Reason for selling is I've scored a job involving a lot of travel. Original plan was to keep it for a while longer, return it to dead-stock condition and keep it as a pristine 180SX collector car. Asking price is ***SOLD***. Will not consider any trades or swaps with cash adjustments unless you have a nice road bike (Giant OCR1-spec or higher)! Contact detail's: Jason via 0421 311 848 (mobile) or [email protected] (email). Located in SE Melb. N.B. Forgot to add, I don't frequently look at my PMs, best to ring or email me at the details above.
  2. Need to get rid of this stuff that's lying around. Brand new HKS-style dump pipe (got it off PRO100 at end of last year). Bolts and gasket included. Sponsors sell for $175, will let it go for $150. HKS-style dump pipe Pivot ACS (Air Conditioner System). A basic version of Apexi AFC, allows you to run rich/lean depending on driving conditions. $70 Pivot ACS Stock indicators $40 indicators Stock front springs $40 springs Stock shifter $20 shifter Stock intercooler kit with all pipes and hoses $50 Sorry, no pic yet! All prices negotiable and pickup in vic. Willing to post interstate at buyers cost. Please contact by PM or email [email protected] Cheers!
  3. Tighten or remove your BOV. It also helps heaps if you have a FMIC, as the sound resonates in the end tanks.
  4. Glad to hear that Nick. I got family in Penang but thankfully they all live in Georgetown and to the east. As an aside, one of my cousins was New York during S11 and survived; I think we're a pretty lucky bunch! Good to see Australia more than tripled their original amount; still waiting on the tight-fisted US though...
  5. $2k for trust? I've seen new and landed v-spl kits go for $1136 new on ns.com...
  6. Any word on whether the Power FC is going to be superseded by a newer model? A couple of my friends are hesitant on going with the FC due to it's age. On the other hand, I tell them that because it's one of the more established aftermarket ecus, there's plenty of places where it can get a decent tune. Thoughts?
  7. My mate has an N1 exhaust for his lancer. Apexi nameplate is on the top of the exhaust tip I think.
  8. Where are you located? I might be interested in the omori ext temp gauge if it's the black-faced style.
  9. Got around to relearning the profec A last night, after I figured out how to get into P1 and P2 learning modes. Unfortunately the boost still tapers off at higher revs. On the good side, it isn't an immediate drop anymore, but rather a more gradual drop. I'm still open to any suggestions!
  10. Thanks for the offer GTST, but I've already downloaded the manual. I'll get around to resetting the settings shortly. Do I have to make the profec relearn every time I disconnect the power? Oh yeah, even tho I have the instructions, I have absolutely no idea how to get it into automatic learning mode (the instructions are rather vague) ... any help appreciated!
  11. Yep, I'm running a stock T25g. As soon as the EBC reaches set boost, the wastegate immediately opens and I'm left with 10psi for the rest of the rev range. Whereabouts should I look for a boost leak? I suspect that's not the cause because the engine can get up to 1bar fine, but after that it drops quickly to 10psi.
  12. Hey all, have a small problem here after fitting my new FMIC kit (Blitz LM) to my 180sx. Everything bolted up nice and well and all hose clamps are secure. Took it for a spin immediately afterwards, and noticed that after hitting the set boost of 1bar (14psi) it immediately tapers off to 0.7bar (10psi). Any ideas on what it could be? I'm using a profec A at the moment, and I suspect it could be a simple case of the solenoid simply not holding boost. But I'm still open to suggestions on any other things I might have missed. We checked all hose clamps and blocked off both the plumb-back point of the stock BOV, and the vacuum lead to the stock BOV. BTW, 10psi is the lowest I was running before, due to mods, so maybe it has something to do with that??? No idea......
  13. Hey all, selling bits and pieces lying around, all from a 180sx; oldies are starting to complain! Walboro fuel pump, same as sponsors sell on ns.com (GSS-341). Used for only 1 month so it's basically brand new and in perfect condition. Took it out after I realised my old pump was a GTR item! Excellent condition with easy to follow instructions. If you're in Vic, I can even install it for you. Asking $130. Stock front s13/180sx springs. Good condition, selling for $50, pickup pref. Stock shifter, upgraded mine to a nismo item. Good condition but small tear in boot, probably need to replace that. Hence, looking for around $30 or so. Stock IC with piping, hoses and stock BOV, yours for merely $110, pickup pref . All prices are negotiable, prefer vic buyers for the bulkier items.
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