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  1. Afternoon gents... Been a long time since been on here or posted with my recent move up to brizzy and hectic amount of work. Just after a quick list of recommended service centres for our nm35 models been calling a few mobs but either they have never heard of the Moodle or don't want to touch them. Any help would be appreciated as normally I would do the work myself but have no garage at the moment to work on it.
  2. im still confused lol.... Would love a write up on how you sorted it all out mate and to add job well done bro! [emoji106]
  3. Lakes101

    M35 Turbo Q

    no worries mate yep Scottys actuator upgrade is a 1bar actuator with and adjustable arm will bolt strait into the turbo with the 5mm bracket he does. If your turbo is still running sweet and it's just the diaphragm in the actuator is gone that's all you should need! Scott will sort you out mate [emoji106] hope you get it all sort at a decent price would be a shame for absorber one to be sold off for bits there no that old and a great car!
  4. Lakes101

    M35 Turbo Q

    Hit up Scotty for a wastegate actuator upgrade! Install it and Problem fixed! You would have little to no room for an external gate and if you did and are still running the stock internally gated turbo what's going to control that?
  5. Keep us posted if you sort it out mate I tried a while back and it wouldn't work only turned it off and on via the controls . I believe you need some kind of adapter or something in line with it.
  6. I'd say hit up Chris Rodgers mate he should be able to help you out!
  7. Will post one up this arvo for you mate
  8. Tan colour center console arm rest. $60 Factory FMIC and piping. $100 Thermo fan. $30 Front grill. $60 Stock aluminium intake pipe$50 Located Sydney. Can post at buyers expense.
  9. What stagea is 4 cylinders?? 100% sure there all 6 cylinder either inline or v.
  10. can you post a link to the tutorial mate?
  11. josh how much did they charge you for labour on all the bushing mate? Looking at getting all mine done to. Did you run with OEM ones or superpro or the like? Will feel amazing to drive now mate I bet.
  12. I'd say it's need the ECU to re learn to comps date for the new intake. But an idle reset and throttle relearn would help to.
  13. thank you gents I blocked off the map sensor this morning drove it hard to work to see if any boost cut... Seems to have done the trick. I wasn't getting a mil light when it was happening but seems good now I'll test over the coming days and see how it goes. I wasn't getting any cut in the dyno or for a few weeks after the tune, just came on all of a sudden. The ECU does learn at a fast rate so not sure why or how it happened. Thanks for everyone's help with this gents [emoji106][emoji4]
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