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  1. Yes they fined me $100 and no points for the fog lights. But the renewal infrindgement came with a late fee and 1 demerit point.
  2. Hi All, I need some help! I'll try shorten the story.. Basically I was playing designated driver in December last year and was on the way home with my girlfriend. About 100meters from my house I got pulled over for an RBT. I had a few drinks during the night but I knew I was well under the limit. So I blow into the breathalyzer and somehow miraculously blew 0.128! I then get told I now have to go to east perth police station to conduct further tests.. My girlfriend was not impressed and obviously I'm shitting myself. Since we were so close to mine I left my car there and my girlfriend just walked to mine while I got a shameful ride to the police station. Anyway they take me to East Perth station and tell me all the legal info & tell me how drinking driving is bad etc & i'll be arrested for being that far over the limit. So I do the 2nd blood alcohol test (15-20min after my first test) and what would you know I blow 0.000. So after having NFI what was going on it pretty much turns out the machine they was faulty and that was all for nothing. While I was there they decided to wack me something so they give me a $100 fine because the standard holden fog lights on my car were left on (A genuine mistake as it was still switched to AUTO-ON from a storm we had 2 days before). About a week after that I had to go overseas for christmas and forgot to pay the $100 fine and wasnt going to be back in perth in time to pay it. I wait for my renewal which I just got and now they just decided to add a demerit point to the infrindgement notice and also charge me the standard late fee! I called up the infrindgement management number and get some old lady who wouldnt allow me to get a word in for my reasoning & told me its too bad and you need to pay it. I tried calling back to get someone who would be reasonable and listen to my situation but she was the only one who I could get in contact with regarding this. It clearly states on the infrindgement notice that no demerit points were inccured for this. So after doing absolutely nothing wrong, I got dragged through all of that and get wacked with $113 fine & a demerit point that I shouldnt have. I might add I was very curtious through the whole thing.. Can anyone assist or tell me what are my options? Do I really have to take this to court? I'd prefer not to.. Thanks in advance! Brendan
  3. Tell him I'm not gay and my ass is not for sale.
  4. Thats because i'm forum member number 1149 Then again I have not really been on here much in the last 2 years..
  5. I REALLY do want to put one suggestion into the forums if any MODS are reading.. I was discussing with the guy who I sold the car to, people on here expect to get something for nothing on here. I had soo many people asking me if I would sell my engine, the seats, MY FRONT DOOR, steering wheel and so on.. with pathetic offers. Why the hell would I strip down a perfectly good car? My suggestion is If I havent mentioned that I would sell the car in parts WARN/BAN these people, this place is turning into a forum full of scabs.
  6. Cheers guys. I just dont drive it anymore so it makes more sense to sell it than let it collect dust. I think i'm also at the age where I think I should be more responsible.. and save some money instead of spending it! I can see why they lower insurance around the age of 25. Will head back to Canada I think, a lot of good work over there.
  7. Well.. the car scene is over for me. I sold the R34 yesterday and the "driver" plates have gone into hiding indefinitely. Time to invest that money into something and go travel!
  8. cheers for the replys.. I'll look into that eagle1 product.. as for degreaser, I dont like the idea of putting that on my seats!
  9. Or even better, suggest a product that I can use myself.. and I dont mean one of those sprays, I'm talking about a shampoo type product.
  10. Can anyone recommend a place I can get my carpet and seats professionally cleaned? They're aren’t in bad shape but I just want to get out the grime that’s kind of built up over the years. Ta
  11. Shit I have not been on here in a while.. I'm just trying to remember what I did it was a while ago. Gearbox is a straight fit, and you will need to use the gt-t engine mounts on your gtr engine by memory. Things off the top of my head that need to be modified Coolerpiping (you will need to cut a whole where there would normally be one on the GTR for the piping, its not going to effect the chassi) Aircon piping exhaust downpipe and wiring.. The only part that sucks is the splicing the wiring looms together, I would reccommend you get hold of a gt-t loom and the GTR loom and wiring diagrams for each. I linked mine up with a PFC and not the standard ecu.
  12. not sure if anyone brought this up, but suck shit to all the morons going on about the gtr being a v35 and not a r35.
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