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  1. Lol. Why does it have to be defectable? I wasn't asking for opinions, I was asking for someone to do it. Thanks 👍
  2. Not sure if this is where I should post this but I am wondering if someone could use their r32 gtr or r34 gtr, maybe 33 for my young blokes formal since mine is apart and for sale. Preferably something highly modified. In Canberra on the 4th of Dec, Just let me know how much you could do it for if anyone is interested
  3. Decided to sell the whole car so all these parts will go with it. Will post up an add with pics once I give it a clean
  4. Turbo and manifold sold Crank needs a grind, $250 Valve guides $400 Pistons and rods $350
  5. Prp cas bracket, 1.1mm restrictor, main studs and valve stem seals no longer available
  6. Restrictor $10 not $20 sorry And rear housing is 1.06 not .96 Rods have Arp bolts Brand new Tomei head gasket 1321870153 $300 Brand new Arp 202-5403 main studs $300 Brand new Tomei valve guide 163045 $500 Brand new Hks valve stem seals 22999-AN004 $150 Used rb26 arp head studs $250 Brand new Prp cas bracket $200 Used Standard cas bracket $20 Prp 1.1mm restrictor $10
  7. Upgrading some bits and pieces so these have to go Brand new Tomei 1.5mm oil restrictor $20 Tomei type b springs 173002 $450 Rb26 Conrods + forged arias pistons 362388 $500 Rb26 crank long snout mod $500 Custom rb26 turbo manifold T3 50mm wastegate pipe $500 Proboost Gtx3582 .96 rear $500 $800 for both Will post some pics as soon as I get the chance
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