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  1. Thanks for the info guys, by passing that boost solenoid, fixed the issue cheers
  2. Any ideas where is the best place to get them ? thanks
  3. Thanks Scotty and Josh, i'll let you know how it goes : ) running this mod won't cause any long term probs will it ?
  4. Joshm THANKS ! i think that link described the problem almost perfectly i'll make sure the knock sensor is ok then look at the boost solenoid can anyone tell me the location of .... the knock sensor the boost solenoid and where i can buy them ? thanks again
  5. Commsman I thought it may have been fuel, but had some new fuel and injector clean through it since. I had a fault code come up as well C 1208 Pressure switch thanks guys
  6. Hi i have a 2001 250t rx and it has recently begun to act a bit strange. The car has always driven great, and been a rocket generating plenty of thrust in the top end, however recently when i was coming up Mt Vic, it suddenly dropped power/boost and seemed to be only running at about 75% of it's normal output. I thought at the time the ecu may have dropped power due to things getting hot ? however my temp gauge was all good. I backed off and pulled over, restarted and as i went over the top of the Blue Mtns it seemed to come good and bounce back, so i thought it may have been a temp thing. Over time its started to do it more regularly, to the point i thought i may have had a blocked exhaust/ cat etc as i also noticed one of the pipes coming out of the muffler tip didn't seem to be flowing at all. I visited my exhaust guy and we pulled the pipe off at the cat and pre muffler and took it for a run and still no improvement, so i guess we can eliminate the exhaust. However a system scan of the car revealed a fault with the knock sensor. Could this be the culprit ? any help would be appreciated cheers
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