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  1. Ahh cool. I guess I'll see if it lessens over time. Do you think the catch can itself could do with a clean? It doesn't have internal access but I have a lot of ethanol I could soak it in?
  2. Thanks. I hope it is just normal breathing as the compression was tested recently. The amount of vapour only really became noticable when I cleaned the catch can filters. Do you think I should oil the filters? I have some K&N filter oil. Perhaps that would stop the oil vapour passing the filters and keep it in the catch longer so it can condense? I might clean them again and give that a try..
  3. But in essence you think the amount of vapour could be normal, it's just not being condensed back in to oil correctly? Or potentially the turbo oil returns have become blocked or restricted?
  4. Thanks I will check that link. It hasn't always done this, so I don't think it is a design issue. It's a RIPS catch can with two feeds from rear of rocker cover, and two drains back in to sump. There is a 1.2mm oil feed restrictor in the head also.
  5. Thanks, will have to get that sorted one day. Anyone got any more ideas regarding the blow by? Maybe it just needs more time running after the oil change or something?
  6. It has had the JB weld put on it, but it probably wasn't cleaned up that good. You mean like a wheel sanding disc or something?
  7. Nope, not that I am aware of. And I frequently check that the coolant system is topped up and bled correctly. Why do you ask? ... I have to do that because there is a hairline crack in the coolant jacket on the passenger side of the block Really really slow leak, but it's a massive pain because I run Evan's waterless coolant, and that shit's not cheap. Really need to figure out a permanent way to fix that ...
  8. @Dose Pipe Sutututu Just checked my records and valve stem seals were done when the head was reconditioned about 7300kms ago? Also, I don't think I am seeing any blue smoke out the exhaust. I think the only smoke out the exhaust is from fuel; when it's running rich for any reason, backfiring etc.
  9. @Dose Pipe Sutututu Don't worn valve steam seals usually cause oil burn in exhaust? How would it cause excessive vapour from the catch can? Oil leaking in to cylinder and then oil fumes passing rings in to crankcase?
  10. Hey all, My catch can filters were filthy with crap bubbling out and dripping everywhere, so when I changed the oil I gave them a good clean. Now that the filters aren't saturated in crap, there is quite a lot of vapour coming out of the filters. It seems to smell kind of sweet, doesn't smell like exhaust gas or anything like that. I would say the amount lessens or stays the same with revs - it doesn't appear to get any worse. Here are a couple of videos showing the vapour. https://photos.app.goo.gl/pnYO6bEGi3dFsCHk1 Keen to know what people think! Cheers,
  11. If this is the wrong place to ask, let me know and I'll start a new thread! Will 18x10.5 +22 with 265/35R18 fit an R32 GTR at standard height without issue? Any modifications required? What if I want to go lower in the future - say low enough such that the top of tyre is flush with the guard. Wheels I am looking at are Work S1Rs, so offset is customizable in 1mm increments over a huge range.
  12. If you jack it completely off the ground and let out the clutch in first gear do the front wheels spin or not?
  13. Why not just remove the fuse? Is there a significant difference in the turning circle between a GT-R and a GTST?
  14. Videos! I went to my first autocross today! Still learning but it was a great experience and I made huge improvements over the day! Links to the best videos below! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1jFnfSOTgZk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TZyicuLldsU
  15. My combo is RB26DETT with -9's and that run was done on E85. Engine is standard but everything was refreshed.