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  1. Ahh thats a shame. Congrats on the sale!
  2. Did it damage the rest of the gearbox at all?
  3. 6 14 Steve Glenney GT Auto Garage/HKS Aust Nissan R35 GTR PRO 9 9 1:33.0120 0:02.3960 Quicker now!
  4. How often to the results update?
  5. Am i missing something? Wheres the Scorch S15?
  6. It will be interesting to see how long after the release in US how long it will take to get to AUS, my bet is a while...
  7. Is there a vid of it someone cast post please.
  8. Car is looking absolutely insane mate, congrats to you and Mercury.
  9. Think thats the whole point of the cage, so he CAN live afterwards
  10. That answers your Melbourne question
  11. Looks more like something from Gran Turismo 5
  12. My brothers front bar is rooted and wants to obtain a new one for his standard V35 skyline coupe. Do you know roughly how much one would cost and where i could get one in WA (can be interstate depending on the price). Cheers, Matt
  13. What a coincidence that i was just reading on the xtremesystem forums this exact same scam, but with iPhones!