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  1. One of the primary problems with the stock screen is its resolution, its very low so the quality is typically poor so the display quality of your phone mirrored on the screen might not be the best, especially for watching streaming content such as Netflix etc... I had an Aux setup wired into mine to display my phone and play audio, the audio was fine but the screen was pretty much unwatchable. The alternative some people have taken is to wire in a Raspberry Pi to give more control over the picture quality but even then the results have been disappointing. As someone who's been down that path I'd advise you to forget about the stock screen and invest in a good Bluetooth double din Android head unit, despite the extra outlay it'll be a much better result.
  2. Dmyze_

    NM35 MAF pin outs

    Posting out of interest...
  3. Removing the screen/screen controls doesn't affect anything else. You can also use double din surrounds from V35 skylines of the same series (practically the same interior).
  4. Ahh, so that's the difference - good to know.
  5. Ahh, so that's the difference - good to know.
  6. Ahh, so that's the difference - good to know.
  7. How? Did the plugs match up? I had to hard wire mine due to the differences in the plugs, even if they did plug together some lines were definitely different (two power wires on the seat plug, one on the car plug). I have heard that M35s have two different types of seat plugs though.
  8. They look awesome mate! Quick solution for the airbag light: place a small piece of electrical tap over the light on the dash - done! Haha.
  9. Mine is an Apexi too, the same one, however it pretty much comes down to what Benriches said: I'm not saying not to get one yourself - if the increased feeling of response or a ECO restrictionis something you are looking for then go for it. just be aware that it doesn't actually make the car any faster.
  10. It can be argued that these throttle controllers are almost placebos - as they simply amplify and increase the existing input from the pedal. There isn't any noticeable increase in throttle response; if you tap the pedal it makes it more like you stomped on it instead. Simply you get more throttle from less input. However that can sometimes be all that's need to make a car seem fast - one of the first cars I owned always felt fast (but most definitely wasn't) only because it was responsive. Same applies here - amplifying a slight touch on the pedal to a bigger response at the throttle is all that's needed to make the car feel different. I can actually confirm this as I have an acceleration controller on my M35 too - its not really any faster it just changes the feel of the car in regards to responsiveness. I must admit the effect is much more noticeable with the brake cut mod switched off. Also the ECO modes are handy if you are like me and have lead-foot syndrome.
  11. Rear is the same - front is different on the NM35 (AWD) which the majority of 2.5L are in AUS & NZ. Front suspension on the NM35 is shorter to accommodate the driveshaft's. You should be able to source some good suspension from Japan via YAJ perhaps?
  12. Greddy Profec B Spec II Greddy Profec B Spec II, all wires and Greddy boost control valve - working fine when removed from the car. pick up Pakenham VIC or post at buyers expense. $200
  13. Thanks mate, I'm ok, it's staying in the garage until I replace them all, good chance to upgrade the discs and repaint the calipers.
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