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  1. Doubt you'll find any c34 specific kits from well known brands (airrex, airrunners). As long as 33 or 34 skyline struts fit in the c34 there's plenty of kits out there
  2. Just started the air suspension install
  3. tomo123

    Air Ride

    I'm not 100% sure but I'm sure it would. I'm currently in the middle of fitting Airrex 350z air struts onto my PM35 so will let you know how it goes. All the suspension arms seem to be universal between the V35, 350z and stagea so I don't see why they shouldn't work.
  4. tomo123

    Air Ride

    Probably gonna be better off going with an air suspension system instead of the Tein coilovers
  5. I bought my PM35 through Tokyo prestige in Adelaide, would not recommend them. They're great at selling you the car but once a problem occurs they're off the face of the earth.
  6. $500, had 10 pieces done
  7. Only things I couldn't do were the gearknob and steering wheel trims. Originally it was all brushed aluminium.
  8. Just get your current trim hydro dipped, I did in my 350rx and it looks great. It'll all look the same and you'll be able to get a colour you like
  9. I'm about to install my 19x9.5 +1's on my PM35, currently waiting on adjustable front arms.
  10. Are you referring to the radio antenna plug with 2 prongs? If so then you can buy an adaptor from JBHIFI for around $15
  11. Why not go genuine meisters? There won't be that much of a price difference after having to get them posted from NZ or the US. You'll have a better selection of finishes aswell as offsets.
  12. Anything can be made to fit. I think the most you'll get out of stock guards with rolling and some pumping is a mid offset 11. Myself personally will be running 19x10+6 rears and won't be poking, however ill also have close to 10 degrees camber. It all depends what style your after and if you want to make use of the 11" wide wheel or if it's for show.
  13. As above, I was installing a new aftermarket headunit in my PM35 stagea and the ISO harnesses didn't work. Got rid of the harnesses and did it myself, perfect.
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