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  1. I have the money for a full system, but I’m not going to drop 5k when that can be spent on my Viper instead. All I wanted was a quick way to increase the boost for my 34 which is daily driven. Is an aftermarket boost gauge necessary? Or would the stock one be enough for a ‘close enough’ reading?
  2. I think the installation should be quite straight forward, my only concern is getting the right boost level. Is there a good tutorial for this around? Many of the tutorials I have found don’t go into detail, aren’t for the R34 or have broken images and links, hence posting here.
  3. I haven’t found any topics for what boost level is safe on the Series 2 Garrett turbos.
  4. Hey everyone, I’m looking to increase the boost on my R34 GT-T series 2 and I was wondering what the easiest way to go about it would be. I’ve found a few threads and it seems like the stock turbo can go to around 11 PSI safely? My car is a series 2 with the Garrett turbo, can these be boosted higher? What would I need exactly to get started? I’m not looking for a full setup, and would prefer something quick and easy for now. Thanks
  5. Thanks, they are a bit far from me and not open on weekends, so can't really arrange that with work
  6. Hey everyone, I'm looking for an exhaust shop who can work on my R34 GT-T in South East Melbourne (around the Cheltenham area). Just looking for a basic muffler install (with a place that provides some options for me) and any tweaks to give it some more performance. Not looking for a full expensive set up at this stage. Any recommendations?
  7. Had the same issue, it turned out to just be the battery. I'd suggest borrowing a battery to see if it goes away for you first.
  8. Unfortunately not. If the rent is $350 or less a week they have to cap it at 4 weeks, however, if it's over $350 they can literally choose whatever they want. I have seen places listed for $500 / week try to charge $4,000 in bond, it's ridiculous. With the new laws coming this year they will be capped at 4 weeks no matter the rental amount.
  9. Have lived in quite a variety of places before. It seems the sweet spot is 1990 - 2005 for something well built. Anything before that and they need constant maintenance to keep them nice, and after that everything just feels so cheap. Especially with the metricon builds which are literally built as cheaply as possible.
  10. Yeah it's odd, there's a massive decrease in housing prices but the rentals are not budging. I'm hoping prices drop sometime soon as I'm not planning on getting a house for a few years.
  11. Are they still missing? Odd since the website is still up and they have contact details. I'd pay a lot of money for the GTT front and rear badges...
  12. I still haven't received my membership pack for a couple of years (I renewed as a new member the past 3 years as I've just missed the renewal date for each). Any idea how I can get this sorted? Hasn't left me with the best confidence knowing that this stuff has slipped under the radar 3 times in a row.
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