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  1. viper2002

    I still haven't received my membership pack for a couple of years (I renewed as a new member the past 3 years as I've just missed the renewal date for each). Any idea how I can get this sorted? Hasn't left me with the best confidence knowing that this stuff has slipped under the radar 3 times in a row.
  2. viper2002

    Spotted a Black R34 at Spotlight Mentone last Friday, you saw my car parked next to yours Also, apparently this car lives on my street. Anyone from here?
  3. Interested in R34 the under splash tray, do you have the one for the left wheel arch?
  4. viper2002

    Business Analysis / Project Management. While there are "some" jobs in the outer suburbs, they are usually poorly paid and for average companies. All of the digital agencies and interesting work is still in the CBD. The pay is also important, it's hard to find jobs that pay 6 figure salaries in the suburbs. I'd love if there were more companies like this in the south east suburbs, but since these positions usually deal with other large organisations they are situated in the CBD for close client contact.
  5. viper2002

    There's a difference when the majority of white collar jobs are in the city and not spread out. For example, in my field it is near impossible to find anything outside of the CBD, which means I need to live in a suburb within reasonable travelling distance. Travelling 1 or more hours each way is ridiculous, and it's not something that will get better over time if you live in the same suburb.
  6. viper2002

    Thanks Tony, e-mail was received. Track was very fun
  7. viper2002

    Anyone know how I can get in contact with the SAU Secretary? Need to get a confirmation of my membership for a track day tomorrow but it's hard getting an e-mail replied to...
  8. viper2002

    Thanks. Yeah I got around half way removing the breather pipe and all the little rubber pipes on the back weren't budging, didn't want to break them. I found a few photos of people doing it with the breather pipe connected, so I might give that a go first.
  9. viper2002

    On a side note, does anyone know if it's possible to change the spark plugs on an R34 GT-T without removing the breather pipe? I got to that stage but there are like 100 little pipes connecting to it making it quite annoying to remove. The pipes also look flimsy, so don't want to break anything.
  10. viper2002

    Steer clear of Lenovo laptops, they are awful. Very flimsy plastic, keyboard and trackpad are unusable to get work done, screen quality is very blurry etc etc. If you're in the $1k - $2k range I'd recommend something by Asus, above $2k I'd recommend the Microsoft Surface. That's for Windows laptops anyway, which still don't come close to a Macbook Pro in terms of overall build quality, reliability, screen quality and the best trackpad known to man.
  11. viper2002

    Attempted this last weekend but didn't want to break any of the hoses. Definitely a lot more steps to removing the breather pipe towards the back, there's around 5 rubber hoses that are quite fragile. Anyone have tips for removing the breather pipe and hoses near there?
  12. Ahh damn, anywhere in Melbourne where I can pick up Splitfires? Or do I need to order them online?
  13. Thanks, it appears to be Error 21 - Ignition Failure. I take it the coils need replacing? Heres a video:
  14. R34 GTT Traction Control, SLIP and Engine light on Hi guys, A few days ago when I was driving I noticed that the Traction Control OFF, SLIP and Engine Light had all turned on all of a sudden. The car didn't drive any differently (no miss-fires, performance loss or anything) so it seems something else is up. I disconnected the battery and re-connected it which temporarily stopped the issue for a few minutes (this was after a cold start however), but now it's back. Any ideas what it could be? I've done some research and some people are saying throttle bottle (I've checked the cables), coil packs (these were brand new only a few years ago) and a few other things, but there is no definite answer. How can I go about getting this fixed? I don't want to fork out $500 on coil packs only for it to not be the issue. Thanks! Picture for reference: