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  1. Im keen... been a few months, and strangely I have never actually been to HH... looking forward to checking this track out
  2. ill sign up towards the end of the month... probably do both days too
  3. Here is mine... ended up being a little disappointed. All day the wind was ridiculous. The feeling I got in my car going through turn 3 was crazy! It was like another car was on my rear bumper nudging me through. http://youtu.be/aVtW5tWPRj0
  4. Weather was good, even if a little hot. Word for the day is VtechYo My tyres were shot, so nothing but stuffing around and taking my uncle for laps... Was about a second off my normal pace, so wasn't much point pushing for times... The last two session playing around with Richo was fun, I didn't get the gopro out all day, was a shame, because I spent a few laps there pissing myself laughing at some of the antics in the afternoon
  5. I'm OS for two weeks in August. Going to miss next round at Sandown, but i'm not really sure what going on there in any case? Was PI a round? and what about that 3 track challenge thingy? Can't say I was really happy with the PI WRX day, wet weather, then an hour of touring and passenger laps, then lunch, then porsche on its roof, meant I got a total of 11 full laps, 1.5 laps at any actual speed. The itch certainly didn't get scratched
  6. Stupid GoPro was on the wrong settings... http://youtu.be/55NyN8yopqE
  7. Finally got around to putting up my a fastest lap of the day http://youtu.be/ot7P3VyWXCw
  8. Good to see discussions on Motorsport. I'd love to see some of the Open class cars turn up more often, not sure how to get that happening though?
  9. It's more about having a go, was good to see more SAU out there!
  10. FINER6

    2014 Club Egm

    Great idea... Be good to see Andrew Collins have a cracker as he's at most of the days.
  11. Was a great day to kick the new year off going around in circles The heat kept me from setting a PB, but still managed to have a couple of exciting moments... http://youtu.be/cNIFL6_CwsQ http://youtu.be/XG1p2ZVNYTY
  12. Excellent... thanks guy for running it the past year. I know our little group had a lot of fun, and always came away with something learnt from the day
  13. In... Happy to show the car, but need to leave at 2pm for a Wedding..
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