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  1. It looks great mate
  2. AS I mentioned on the facebook page, the Xanavi units are known for failing. Usually it is the internal power control unit or dry joints that have happened over time. The units run very hot and the cooling system in them is not adequate for the heat generated. Does the unit beep when you power on?
  3. Gday Pete. I've got one of the rear blinds. I'm in Brisbane.
  4. Tps could be mounted to the diesel pump or even the throttle pedal.
  5. Any update on workshops who have compliance tags for the C35, or has it fallen into the abiss?
  6. There is only a few of personal imports in Australia, hence the lack of info floating around on SAU. The C35 shares strut towers with C34 Laurel's and 2wd WGNC34 Stagea's.
  7. The biggest issue you'll face is that the auto is controlled by the ecu. You could run the 26 off the 25 ecu with either an SAFC to put 2 afm signals into 1 or a selin dual maf translator kit. There is some jiggery pokery to get the tps and iac to work correctly on the 26 using the 25 computer. The up side is that series 1 auto stageas go for next to nothing for one that has a ratty body. You could even set the auto up on an aftermarket controller, but I'm uncertain on cost.
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