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  1. ## If sold in 1 lot for $1500 im willing to give the lower section so just bolt on and away you go.. Package will include all in this pic plus injectors, fuel rail & b.o.v. Bargain price if you look to see what all is new and all this is still like new. Thank you
  2. Sard injectors are 650cc...
  3. If wanting separately... Plenum-$900. T/body-$200. B.O.V.-$200. Fuel Rail-$150. Injectors-$250.
  4. After thinking im willing to let the whole lot for $1500... plenum- t/body- b.o.v.- fuel rail and injectors..
  5. Hi all. I have for sale a plazmaman plenum with a 66mm throttle body and plazmaman b.o.v. fits the rb neo, all in black, no scratches or marks still in perfect near new condition, $1500 for the lot. Also i have a genuine sard fuel rail and a set of sard 740cc injectors, in great condition $450.. Can do the lot in a package for $1800.. prices are firm.. located in geelong Victoria and i can post at your expensive. Plenum currently all taped up so it dont get marks when fitting...
  6. mick-r34gtt-

    Hi as stats im after a set of r34 nismo led tail lights.. willing to pay a good price for a good set with no cracks and ALL led's in working order.. Cheers
  7. mick-r34gtt-

    Why have 1 when i can have 3...lol..
  8. Yeah fully understand mate, if i was gunna go ahead i would have but not much interest so hopefully the original fella comes back to do again.. cheers nizmo-man...
  9. mick-r34gtt-

    Thank heaps for that people.. much appreciated..
  10. Im just wondering about these wheels and what they are like as in strength and also a rough price what they go for??? They are a set of Lenso project-D spec-B 18x8.0 +45 in matt black.. thank you in advance...
  11. Hi all. Im just wondering if anyone on here has had a pair of buddy club seats as im looking at some but really want to find someone who has had them????
  12. Could just go mafless..