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  1. Hi all. Im just wondering if anyone on here has had a pair of buddy club seats as im looking at some but really want to find someone who has had them????
  2. Could just go mafless..
  3. Hi... im after a r34gtt manual gearbox thats needing a rebuild... willing to pay a fair price.. im in Geelong Victoria so the closer the better.. or if you have one for your self thats needs fixing i have a perfectly a1 good box that we could work out a deal on.. as why rebuild a great box with no issues thats why i need a broken one... thanks heaps in advance.. cheers
  4. Hi bro, ive sent ya a txt and am very interested in the gearbox and the one gauge so hopefully talk soon.. Cheers mate
  5. Hi all as it says only an EOI and will sell for right price as i want R34gtr front seats black if possible, my EOI is for my pair of front nismo seat in perfect condition and on rails to fit a R34gtt... also can ANYONE point me towards a pair of R34gtr seats.. thank you in advance.
  6. Hi bro, the 34 i had with that i only had the bonnet on and had not done the front bar and all i did for the bonnet was i made 2 plates up around 5mm thick and drilled holes and used bolts.. im about to do a front gtr look change on the 34 i have now and im looking at either the east bear type front bar from carbonetics and they have a few different style bonnets vented and carbon ect or the same but "type e" front bar from viva garage... if you go on the website carmate they do kits as well and they show pics of the gtr front bar on the gtt and ect... i hope that helps in some way and all will work out for ya.. Cheers mate
  7. Ive had a r34gtt with a gtr bonnet and it sat flush with the gtt gaurds/fenders.. i just had to modify the bonnet hinges..
  8. Hi again... i will write down all the things we all want and to start off lets give it 2 weeks or so then if enough i will see what prices we can get and go from there.. as if cheap enough afew more may jump on board for more items then prices can only get cheaper..... Cheers for now
  9. Hi mate, ive got a full set of genuine mats in perfect condition for a 34 coupe im not 100% sure how much but will check out and let ya know or if ya like to make an offer... anyway i will get some pics for ya if interested? Cheers
  10. Hi all if we can put abit of a list together and i will see the best price i can get on a group buy and if cheap enough and all is happy we can go from there.. i can honestly say that as i and my family purchase a fair bit i think we all will get a good price.. Cheers and lets have a great 2018 and a safe one too..
  11. As Ty1 said and did.. use braided line's...
  12. Hi bro.... gee ya gunna hate it as i know its a prick... its a steel pipe section that runs behind the head yeah? It comes in a whole section with 2 pipes.. there is a nut in the center!!
  13. I have sard rail and injectors and probably afew other parts ya may need or use... all came off my 25det neo in my 34. Cheers bro and hopefully talk soon as you may have stuff spare i need... never know....
  14. Hi all im after a set of 34gtr seats i hope i can get front and rear in black out of a v-spec in great to perfect but will take other model 34gtr seats even just front and willing to pay very good money for the right set.. or if you do have a full v-spec set of seats in black and perfect condition id be willing to swap for a genuine pair of nismo leather front seats in perfect near new condition that came from the nismo omori shop.. (VERY lucky i came across these hiding away) pics of my nismo seats available on request.. grab a great swap... Cheers and thank you for taking your time to read this add. Thanks.... located in geelong Victoria