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  1. E.O.I. and will be available for sale in about 2 weeks.. i have a near new set of c34 carbon fiber ganador mirrors with blue mirrors in box, located in geelong Victoria and willing to post anywhere at the buyer's expense.. $1500.... price is firm..
  2. Hi all, e.o.i and will be available in 2 weeks, near new in box nissan stag c34 carbon fiber ganador mirrors with blue mirrors near new in box, located in geelong Victoria and willing to post anywhere at the buyer's expense $1500... price is firm..
  3. Post??? Please...
  4. Hi mate, is this lot still available? Very interested in the lot.. hopefully talk soon. Cheers
  5. Hi is it still available
  6. Hi all, i have afew carbon fiber bits for a r34, gear shroud is for auto but i did use in my manual and fits perfectly also have the ashtray cover, stereo shroud, triple gauge pod and mirror covers, all are in great condition and are located in geelong Victoria and im willing to post anywhere at buyers expense. Looking at selling in one lot, $250.
  7. mick-r34gtt-

    Hi mate, for ya bonnet catch, front reo and all other stuff ya need can be brought at conceptz in the usa and they send real quick... i got most stuff needed from there as doing the same thing.. cheers
  8. mick-r34gtt-

    Hi bro, spewing but o well.. if ya happen to change your mind in next few days please give me a shout.. as i can get a full set of 32gtr for 500 but freight charges on a full set would be abit.. and i dont really wanna wait around 3to4 weeks for new mechanism to come from japan... if ya do happen to change your mind im happy to pay 500 for the 1 seat.. so hopefully talk soon but your choice bro.. cheers
  9. mick-r34gtt-

    Hi again bro... if ya like i will give ya 400-450 for the seat and don't stress it wont be getting wrecked as i will some how repair my mechanism to make this seat good again so i can use in another car so its a win for me in a way... hopefully talk soon as im eager to get A.S.A.P. cheers. Mick... p.s. are you in need of any parts yourself as ive got a fair bit of spares thats are still new so yeah anyways I better do some work...lol. talk soon.
  10. mick-r34gtt-

    Thats cool bro.. if ya let me buy them off ya id rig up something so they not be wasted.. let me know asap if i can buy b4 i order stuff... Cheers bro
  11. mick-r34gtt-

    Hi bro, well it was a shop that stuffed mine so if he has to buy a good one just for the reclining mechanism then yeah.. well a brand new mechanism is gunna be around 600 so just wondering how much would you be wanting as someone else is PAYING.. cheers bro and im very interested.. what area are you?? If better my mobile is 0449939559.. cheers
  12. mick-r34gtt-

    Im after any gtr seat would prefer r34gtr drivers side as my winder mechanism has been broken so needing urgent in any condition just as long the winding mechanism works and can be passenger side... im located in geelong Victoria so the nearer the better but thing's can be sorted.. Cheers
  13. Hi bro, just seeing if the seats are still available and if so would you sell just drivers side? Cheers bro
  14. mick-r34gtt-