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  1. Hi mate, is the center plate available
  2. Hi, i have a rb25de head that has just been fully rebuilt for a turbo, new uprated turbo valve springs and titanium retainers, new valve collets and new seals, valves have been ground for multi angle, surface has been fully machined and crack & flow tested, all ports have been cleaned up, it was going to be used for a rb25deT neo but things happen and plans change, comes with stock cams and solid buckets with shims. Come grab an absolute bargain for this weekend only im willing to part with it for a minimum of $800 firm.. cost more just for the parts let alone the labour cost for machining and all.. located in geelong Victoria and can be sent anywhere at BUYER'S cost..
  3. Hu all. Im just installing a plazmaman plenum onto a rb25det neo and ive noticed that the inner 3 studs ain't long enough so what did you do? Do i just go and get 3 longer studs or use the oem bolts on those 3 or do i grind back a little on the underside so i can use plazmaman studs?? Hopefully someone can help and thank you in advance... cheers..
  4. vic 

    Hi mate, precision engine in moolap geelong, it originally was a de head i just found out but been fully rebuilt for a turbo.
  5. vic 

  6. Motul 300v chrono... and a baffled sump... ya pay for quality..
  7. Ive got one in geelong and can post at your expense? Make an offer for the cam.. Cheers
  8. SOLD.... SOLD.... SOLD.... SOLD..
  9. 99.9% IT'S SOLD... buyer just wanting to confirm it WILL fit a rb26... Any info greatly appreciated... [emoji16] cheers
  10. Hi all, I have a brand new greddy trust oil relocation kit box says r33 but will fit other skyline/rb engine's, brought it then changed mind on my set-up so grab a bargain, paid $390 plus postage, wanting $320.. Price is firm and located in Geelong Victoria but I can post at buyers, thanks for looking..
  11. vic 

    Hi mate, it currently is still available but has had a lots of interest in it.. Cheers
  12. Turbosmart do a turbo oil pressure regulator that way all we be fine other than that I'm not to sure but someone on here should.. [emoji16]
  13. Hi, I have a solid 9ct gold necklace, 50cm length, 28.5grams in weight, cost me $3799.99 around 18 months ago and a men's 9ct gold ring with a eagle on front, 5.5grams in weight, selling both together and price is firm, $1350.00 located in Geelong Victoria but I can post at buyers expense,
  14. $450... If sold by end of month..