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  1. My HR32 Skyline GTS4 Mods and Mercedes CLK55 AMG - Wife Paulines Mazda Familia AWD Turbo - Sold & now BMW 328i Manual Convertible (needs Turbo!)
  2. Did not see a GOR run mentioned anytime during 2016 , was there one late 2015 or is that run off the agenda for some reason? I am not rejoining so would that be a problem anyway as I remember we used to do Members only and Open runs also.
  3. Not sure why I was looking happy - a lot of work to do yet! Must have been at least the cams were back in.
  4. Happy to have that custom DOHC head and cams back on the metal head gasket and all torqued up with the custom Cam Gears aligned. Still lots to do yet. Glad I am not counting up the costs!
  5. If you are going to work extensively on an engine (and your old -lol) you need one of these aluminium four folding segment ladders which make it a lot easier to lay on while you do what needs to be done. Could not have done these massive mods without it.
  6. Notice the intake AirBox is not standard with a much larger outlet with the Mass Airflow Meter mounted in the side of it. This was originally done to balance out the fuel flow for the Mazda RX7 Fuel Injectors and worked perfectly to be able to drive to be Dyno tuned when the whole system was optimised by DR. Drift. Does not show the extended entrance to the AirBox that ducted cold air via much larger piping from under front bumper opening on passenger side. AirBox was fitted with High performance foam filter.
  7. Oil Filter relocated into front airbox area for extra cooling and ease of access to replace. Note aluminium plate over FMIC to stop over run of air so all goes through FMIC. Also added boxing all round for same reason. Keep thinking....
  8. Drivers side FMIC entry with extra Oil cooling radiator with large fan. When completed, encased in box with front opening under bumper bar forcing air down and out though cooler under wheel well if fan not also going.
  9. Shows home mod huge Automatic Trans fluid cooler with extra computer fans for enhanced cooling for Drag strip pre race burnouts or circuit track runs.
  10. Still alive and living the dream in Portarlington, Wife bought a BMW 3 Series 328i Convertible Manual which we had to go to Gosford in NSW to get as it was the only Black Manual Convertible for sale in whole country at the time. Has some cosmetic details like new tail lights and BMW Angel eye headlights with BMW later model mags with Federal RS-RR's.

    Looks OK and goes OK but does handle near as well as my old R32 Skyline with trick suspension, and way better than the CLK55 AMG Mercedes.

    Got to get into the next GOR run with top down and video the action while wife drives. Hi to all who remember me......





  11. Great thread ActionDan, I enjoyed the time travel, glad you got "theOne" that you wanted. Some good info in here, just makes me miss my Skyine all the more, good luck with the 34 - I like it much more without the wing though!
  12. Too bad I just come back today after a few years so missed it. If anyone was there that remembers the old fart with the GTS4, Defected to the enemy:- I am still alive and trying to remember how to reassemble my old Mitsubishi Starion Turbo to maybe rejoin SAU http://turboclub.com/RTO/06100005/Default.htm
  13. Hi Ash, long time no rev. Anyone ever given any consideration to a limited membership that essentially gives Members-Only Forum Access and attendance at Events limited to viewer status or similar? I have sold my GTS4 years ago and moved to the country but would still like to support the club with a limited presence at a nominal cost. I suspect there are a many others that over the years have done similar but would still like to continue as members in a limited capacity. Or is it all too hard? Anyway, great to see its all still happening with you guy's, regards, Greg [orig. SAUVIC#55] Membership Fees: $70 for a new membership (12 months) $50 for a renewal (12 months from date of last expiry) If your membership has expired, you have 2 months to renew before your Members-Only Forum Access is removed.
  14. hii buddy my names Elie i recently bought a skyline n thought id do some research on it due to its high maintenance engine and happend to actually find that you previously owned this car i realised this because of the same front bar same engine mod and rims if your still online on skylines australia please get back to me on [email protected] i could send you a photo to confirm it haha

  15. Great Job Sam! I would bring the wifes Familia GTX if it was not clutchless this weekend on a hoist. Dont have the Black R32 GTS4 anymore as you might remember. I think the new owner Anton may have had you dyno it though after he did some work to it? Catch you around sometime, thanks for all the great work.... Regards, Greg.