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  1. TurboX

    My HR32 Skyline GTS4 Mods and Mercedes CLK55 AMG - Wife Paulines Mazda Familia AWD Turbo - Sold & now BMW 328i Manual Convertible (needs Turbo!)
  2. TurboX

    Did not see a GOR run mentioned anytime during 2016 , was there one late 2015 or is that run off the agenda for some reason? I am not rejoining so would that be a problem anyway as I remember we used to do Members only and Open runs also.
  3. Great thread ActionDan, I enjoyed the time travel, glad you got "theOne" that you wanted. Some good info in here, just makes me miss my Skyine all the more, good luck with the 34 - I like it much more without the wing though!
  4. TurboX

    Too bad I just come back today after a few years so missed it. If anyone was there that remembers the old fart with the GTS4, Defected to the enemy:- I am still alive and trying to remember how to reassemble my old Mitsubishi Starion Turbo to maybe rejoin SAU http://turboclub.com/RTO/06100005/Default.htm
  5. TurboX

    Hi Ash, long time no rev. Anyone ever given any consideration to a limited membership that essentially gives Members-Only Forum Access and attendance at Events limited to viewer status or similar? I have sold my GTS4 years ago and moved to the country but would still like to support the club with a limited presence at a nominal cost. I suspect there are a many others that over the years have done similar but would still like to continue as members in a limited capacity. Or is it all too hard? Anyway, great to see its all still happening with you guy's, regards, Greg [orig. SAUVIC#55] Membership Fees: $70 for a new membership (12 months) $50 for a renewal (12 months from date of last expiry) If your membership has expired, you have 2 months to renew before your Members-Only Forum Access is removed.
  6. hii buddy my names Elie i recently bought a skyline n thought id do some research on it due to its high maintenance engine and happend to actually find that you previously owned this car i realised this because of the same front bar same engine mod and rims if your still online on skylines australia please get back to me on [email protected] i could send you a photo to confirm it haha

  7. TurboX

    Great Job Sam! I would bring the wifes Familia GTX if it was not clutchless this weekend on a hoist. Dont have the Black R32 GTS4 anymore as you might remember. I think the new owner Anton may have had you dyno it though after he did some work to it? Catch you around sometime, thanks for all the great work.... Regards, Greg.
  8. TurboX

    You could always build your own like I did for $1200 - for LOOKS!
  9. TurboX

    Was it me that started this nasty trend? Sorry After all I was not able to drive the AMG in anger till after getting used to it, then realised it was not a patch on an old GTS4! A cruiser NOT a bruiser in the twisties. My new ride even more a barge but more a posuer... But it may be part MB..
  10. TurboX

    Just a quick question... how many of you people have a wife that has had two or more children? Yes some women ( does not matter how gorgeous) go on to have more than two, but each one after was a pretty lone shot by hubby I would bet. Put a dollar in the jar each time after you get married till the second is born, then take a dollar out each time you do it from then on with your wife. You will leave a great inheritance of dollars......... Maybe Tiger didnt want to leave a great inheritance as well....
  11. Sorry Kailea, pickup only. asking $550 ono.
  12. OK so I am addicted to TRIBES2 now FREE for anyone as a full download and registration as original developer have orphaned it. Now redeveloped and open to all. Yes it is 10 years old but it was state of the art then and thats why many people still play it, as the enjoyment of instantly judging the trajectory of your probably flying opponent as you fly in another direction and killing them with a explosive disc can not be underestimated. From TribesNEXT - Online Multiplayer Support for Tribes 2 * Robust, fully integrated and automated account system. No need to wait or worry, you can create and log in to your account to play right away! * High-grade account security. Your account is protected by a 512-bit (or higher) encryption key generated on registration. * Authentication server down, but you've already created an account? No problem! Just log in and play. * No waiting for a human to create your account; no need to alt-tab to fully use the game; no need to worry about account theft. * No need for a CD-Key! The game is completely free to download and play, so go ahead! Tribes 2 Multiplayer Patch On November 3rd, 2008 Vivendi shut down the official Tribes 2 listing and authentication servers. On January 2nd, 2009 we rock. Official Downloads: 1. Multiplayer Patch (2mb) Already have the game? Apply this patch to restore online functionality. Please note that this is a BETA release, and report any bugs to our forums. 2. Unpatched Full Version (539mb) Don't have the game yet? Download the full version of Tribes 2 here. You will need to download the patch above in addition to this to play online. Don't forget to tell your friends to download the patch! All the more to play with!
  13. RB20 RB30 Offers around $2000 Each MY911T Offers around $10,000 PM me
  14. TurboX

    Seeing you bought it up... I have for sale VIC Plates RB20 RB30 Open to offers over $2000 ONO EACH! MY911T - $10,000
  15. TurboX

    ATP ATPturbo.com.au Advanced Turbo Performance 1198 Dandenong Rd, Murrumbeena, Vic. 3163 Australia PH: (61-3) 9569 4764 Mobile.: 0412 555 909atpturbo @ optusnet.com.au ATP for all TURBO PRODUCTS - 1198 Dandenong Rd MURRUMBEENA Victoria 3163 Australia (61-3) 9569 4764 ALL TURBO - REPAIRS - PARTS - REBUILDS - SALES - NEW & USED TURBOCHARGERS for ALL TURBO CARS INCLUDING FORD MAZDA NISSAN MITSUBISHI TOYOTA