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  1. whats your number and where are you located? pm me asap looking to get one today

  2. All 3 GTR's SOLD and Altezza SOLD pending payment
  3. Sorry mate, I'm only selling what I've got left over.
  4. GPS unit sold separately pending payment. The head unit is still available for $500
  5. Price dropped to $800 and considering this cost me $2500 in total, this is an absolute BARGAIN!!!!
  6. Both EVO's, RX7, Aristo V300 and GT3 SOLD
  7. Hey guys, I'm clearing out my model car collection. I bought all of these in Japan in 2001 and they have since sat in the cupboard collecting dust. I figured I'm not going to start building them now so they may as well go to a good home. $25 each and postage will be calculated based on your location and charged at your expense Any questions, feel free to drop me a PM 1. Calsonic Skyline GTR (R34) - Tamiya Calsonic Skyline GTR by tosh.onishi, on Flickr 2. Nissan R32 GTR Police Car - Fujimi R32 GTR Police Car by tosh.onishi, on Flickr 6. Toyota Soarer 2.5GT Twin Turbo-L - Aoshima Soarer Twin Turbo by tosh.onishi, on Flickr 9. TRD SXE10 Altezza Super Steet - Fujimi TRD Altezza by tosh.onishi, on Flickr 10. NISMO Clarion GTR LM (R33) - Tamiya Nismo Clarion GTR LM by tosh.onishi, on Flickr 11. Castrol Toyota Tom's Supra GT - Tamiya Castrol Toms Supra GT by tosh.onishi, on Flickr
  8. Thanks Mate, All updates are done via a USB cable that plugs into the GPS unit. You just download the updates from Alpine, put them on a USB stick, plug it in and away it goes. I don't know how much map updates are as I've not done it in the 18 months I've owned it.
  9. For sale is an Alpine IVA-W502E 7" Touch Screen Head Unit. Product Details: http://www.alpine.com.au/showItem.php?item_id=51 Features: iPod/iPhone Connectivity (including Video) USB Connectivity DVD Player WMA/MP3/AAC Compatible With additional modules you can even add Sat Nav, a reverse camera, TV and Bluetooth phone if you wanted to. Selling as I'm pulling parts out of the car ready to sell it. This is a great head unit. I would keep it if I were not moving overseas to a country where I wont be owning a car. Original purchase receipts will be supplied with the sale. Price: $500 P1010451 by tosh.onishi, on Flickr P1010449 by tosh.onishi, on Flickr P1010447 by tosh.onishi, on Flickr P1010450 by tosh.onishi, on Flickr P1010453 by tosh.onishi, on Flickr P1010452 by tosh.onishi, on Flickr
  10. In for this one as long as I can fight this flu off beforehand. I'll more than likely be at The Bligh beforehand
  11. what about me??? *sniff sniff* no love anymore Richard... no love....
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