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  1. Hey guys, Hope you are all staying dry. There has been so much information on boostcruising.com about the floods and most of it came through before it was even on any of the news channels. http://www.boostcruising.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=683061&st=1075 All the relevant info will hopefully be in the first post but it is also scattered throughout the thread. There is also lots of willing volunteers on the site who are offering help to anybody that needs it. Cheers, Chris.
  2. Hi, Got an E-Manage Ultimate sitting here. Never been installed in a car. I had it for my S15 but never installed it. Comes with the wiring harness and installation manual. I believe the units are universal so it should fit any car, if someone can confirm that? Only asking $600 firm. These retail for around $1000. Pickup welcome. I live at Gold Coast. If you're interested either PM me on here or 0404 495 420.
  3. Hey guys, Selling my 19's off my old R32 GTR. They are Maas MKX Machine Faced Black. 19" x 9.5J +20 offset Tyres are Kuhmo Ecsta Supra's 275/30/R19. Still have great tread. Done maybe 5000kms at the most. Rims easily clear R34 GTR Brembo brakes (with 330mm rotors) without spacers etc. They looked amazing on my GTR and I got so many compliments. They have perfect GTR dish and perfect offset. They barely have a mark on these rims. These retailed new for about $3300 with tyres. I'm only asking $2000ono with tyres. After a quick sale. Will freight at buyers expense or come by and have a test fit. Pics...
  4. The nismo speedo has 104,000kms so how many kms on the original speedo?
  5. Seems like bugger all being organised...Someone should organise a small cruise round Goldy. Even if it ends up at the spit or something? Good spot for photos. I don't really know the area that well so maybe someone with an insight into a good route (some good roads/sights/places for pics) could organise something?
  6. To do this, I simply panned with the car (but since its mostly coming toward you you don't need to) and just zoom in a tad. Quite effective sometimes. Cheers.
  7. LOL yeah my grandma doesn't drive a skyline either...damn.
  8. Been a while since I've taken the camera out so I couldn't say no when my friends went motorbike riding yesterday.
  9. Yeah organise one bud. I'll be there
  10. You mean where is the spit? Follow the signs past Surfers Paradise heading towards Seaworld. You go past Seaworld, following the road right up past the police defect station and the road loops around past the water. People pull up there. PM me when you're up if you want. Would love to check out your V36.
  11. There is a fair few car meets here on a regular basis. Brisbane has Harry's Diner and Munchies every week. Gold Coast has the Spit every week. There are more as well. I'd join www.boostcruising.com if you are looking for cruises. Just stop typing in capitals. It makes me yell in my head.
  12. upskirt lololololol OT: Beautiful cars there. Very nice pics also.
  13. I just moved back to Gold Coast. Although I don't own a skyline now, I'm still keen for a cruise. Driving a pearl white S15 these days. Anybody going to the spit today? I'll be going for a quick look...
  14. Nice shots. Love the colours in all of the car shots!
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