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  1. I'm with Piggaz. Was also part of the old group buy, and whilst I ended up selling mine before ever fitting it, the new owner had issues.
  2. Old thread, but was there a conclusion?
  3. Gorgeous, love the attention to detail especially the engine bay
  4. You wont find a 33 like this car for anywhere near 10k, and the definition of "decent" will vary amongst every individual. But i do agree most ppl looking for a gts-t are not looking to spend much money, and yes you're right you can get a 32GTR for this money. But not to worry no bad news was beared, car is sold, will be very much missed!!
  5. Will have my brother contact you, cheers.
  6. Offers welcome on this immaculate example!
  7. QUOTE (lachlanw @ 25 May 2010, 04:09 PM) how is putting the brake son gonna make it faster ? QUOTE (lachlanw @ 29 May 2010, 05:59 PM) of course i know how it f**kin is gonna make it launch faster ^priceless.
  8. Havent gotten round to listing on carsales yet, will be up there this weekend. Good buy for a fully sorted R33 thats totally immac all round. Super thorough color change no corners cut, just see pics at top.
  9. Very nice! Would hate to see it get damaged after all those hours!
  10. BRAND NEW NEVER FITTED ACPT CARBON SHAFT, $1500 my GTR is now sold and never got the chance to fit it up. Huge HP/Torque rating. Same shaft currently being used in one of CRD's 1000hp GTR's. Half the weight of standard, similar shaft selling $4000+ on greenline. Prefer adelaide pickup please pm for enquiries
  11. Thanks for all the interest and comments everyone, car is now ....SOLD.... and heading back to Perth where it came from
  12. Thanks guys, yeah ive been out of the country a lot for the last 4 years, now more permanently! Lots of parts included in the price, easy negotiating if you dont want the parts! As mentioned one of the cleanest around, going for a good price. Forgot to mention, also have stock seats (very expensively freshly trimmed) in top quality black leather, look awesome, not a slip on set, by Carafano, not long after i trimmed them i switched to the GTR seats. Plus the steering wheel is stock re-trimmed in black leather with perforated sides. Looks and feels good with factory look. Being in SA this car was built with a stealth emphasis, apart from the color. Runs a powerFC but pop the kick panel and you find a fully wired up stock ECU Im reading this a lot in for sale threads lately:- "make an offer, you could be surprised"!
  13. Always great to see a 32 GTR in such condition. Will suit a true enthusiast. GLWTS
  14. Quick, clean, reliable, sorted. One of the best around. Make an offer.
  15. Thanks for all the comments and interest so far. Deposit taken. Car will either be sold or back up for sale late next week. Cheers
  16. Sorry i cant help you in regards with ACT regulations. For those that have the answers please reply to the above question by PM. I do not want this thread to become a chat box. Cheers
  17. Save yourself a shitload of time, money and headaches, its all been done for you: Just turn the key and enjoy this GTR. TAKING OFFERS All top brand quality parts used, pics speak for themselves. No corners cut. Entire mechanical build undertaken by one man, Owner/Proprietor James Sutton of Nisspeed Performance Engines. Here she is as I left her. Nothing to do but wait.
  18. Asking price revision to $19,000. This is a totally immaculate example "realistically priced" and youll be hard pressed to find another one so clean thats not a dedicated show-car (But that said, this car is cleaner than a lot of show examples ive seen) Oil-cooler kit as pictured above has now been found and can be neg with the sale. Keep in mind that this price includes extra rims/tyres, perfect condition stock turbo so clean you could eat off it, and everything you need to convert it back to stock! Can neg further if your not interested in these parts. Just throw pump 98 in it and enjoy, car is sorted. Just put 4 brand new top level khumo tires on the buddy clubs. No back-yard work ever done to this car, the one person who does all the work is a skilled engineer, also responsible for building my GODZILR R33GTR thats also for sale here. http://www.skylinesaustralia.com/forums/R3...es-t308467.html Will be listed on carsales soon. GENUINE SALE, ALL GENUINE OFFERS WELCOME.
  19. Posted 11 Mar 2010, 12:27 AM If I had 45k lying around I'd buy it! --------------- Thanks for the comments and interest so far everyone. Open to offers. This is a genuine sale and i will CONSIDER ALL GENUINE OFFERS. Im now based in asia, the car is sitting in a 24/7 airconditioned garage in its own hoist bay waiting for its new owner. It has had so little use since completion that it still has half a tank of fuel in it since i collected the car from Nisspeed! Plenty of interest so far but no-one yet to come through with the finance. This sale is going to be an outright steal for the right buyer. for more pics see carsales ad (i will upload high quality images to this thread in the coming week):- http://www.carsales.com.au/all-cars/privat...1&silo=1011
  20. Draw your attention to a very tough SA reg'd R33 GTR, GODZILR. http://www.skylinesaustralia.com/forums/R3...es-t308467.html
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