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  1. Hi Leon I tried to pm ya but your box must be full. Are there any of these u it's left? Cheers Ben
  2. Hey mate any pics of the weather deflectors? Cheers
  3. Hey mate sent ya a message, sorry haven't caught ya before but been working away... Let me know if ya got my pm! Cheers
  4. Hey lucifer I might be interested in this do you have a couple pics? Did u have it fitted to your car? If so was it droney... Cheers mate
  5. Hey mate, I am in Adelaide so that maybe a pain in the arse to drop off lol. I will have a look at a local set and if yours are still around maybe we can work it out but I was hoping to stay under the 1k mark if I can... I will keep in touch and see what we can work out if there is nothing else around tho! Cheers mate
  6. Hey mate I might be keen on these, are you flexible in price? Or interested in swap and cash? Mine had venerdi 18s but I would live the stock ones... Cheers mate
  7. Thanks for the replys guys. Not a big deal just wanted the stock ones for my car but if I get desperate u can get them from japan so see how I go! Cheers
  8. Hey guys just looking for a decent set of ar-x rims if anyone has some or knows of some hit me up. Located in SA but happy to foot delivery if decent. Cheers guys!
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