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  1. Hi Leon I tried to pm ya but your box must be full. Are there any of these u it's left? Cheers Ben
  2. Hey mate any pics of the weather deflectors? Cheers
  3. Hey mate sent ya a message, sorry haven't caught ya before but been working away... Let me know if ya got my pm! Cheers
  4. BenHarJon

    Hey lucifer I might be interested in this do you have a couple pics? Did u have it fitted to your car? If so was it droney... Cheers mate
  5. Hey mate, I am in Adelaide so that maybe a pain in the arse to drop off lol. I will have a look at a local set and if yours are still around maybe we can work it out but I was hoping to stay under the 1k mark if I can... I will keep in touch and see what we can work out if there is nothing else around tho! Cheers mate
  6. Hey mate I might be keen on these, are you flexible in price? Or interested in swap and cash? Mine had venerdi 18s but I would live the stock ones... Cheers mate
  7. BenHarJon

    Thanks for the replys guys. Not a big deal just wanted the stock ones for my car but if I get desperate u can get them from japan so see how I go! Cheers
  8. Hey guys just looking for a decent set of ar-x rims if anyone has some or knows of some hit me up. Located in SA but happy to foot delivery if decent. Cheers guys!
  9. Hey mate these still available? Cheers