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  1. @joshuaho96 has a good point. Likely designed for around that 600hp range. The only thing to consider is technology has moved a long long way in 30 years. Better turbos, fuels, ecu, materials and machining give us more than what it was designed for
  2. Running 600+hp on an rb26 for 13 years(100k stock bottom end), albeit low km's. The block cracking seems to have a relationship to the 4wd setup. So hard to compare to JZ. Video tests do suggest JZ is king though. So are you RWD or 4Wd ? The stock gear will hold a lot. Oil pump gears for limiter lovers. Rods and oil drain for rev's Sump for track You really should see the condition of some of the engines that die(poor oil changes) or the abuse they have taken (100s of track days on limiter). Regular oil changes, solid tune. RB's live a long time. I plan on running my stock long motor at this level with 4wd as a weekender, so let you know how I go GTSboy point is really relevant here though, gone are the days of a $1500 rb25 you didn't care about beating up on. The $$ on this gear now is more than ever.
  3. Yes it sits different and adjusts the pinion angle as a result. Angle still measured up fine though on mine. This is not a like for like swap, it is a cheap gktech kit (Oh and noting the GKTECH r33 subframe into s13 kit actually tells you to bash your chassis with a hammer for clearance ..... WTF !! We notched the subframe instead. ) I was not happy with axle height drop that was a result of the rear bolt position and yes likely the front also. It is all working well though thus far but only limited use.
  4. Neat gearbox's make ratios. I have a 350z diff in an r33 frame in an s13 .... haha The offset front bushes worked a treat. The rear housing ones not so much. I think a custom rear cover with two bolts would be the best way, with correct alignment for the r33 style holes. Oh and for awareness also, I learned there are at LEAST 2 types of 350z diff housings, given the wide spread of ratio's the offset is different in the front to accomodate different sized pinions.
  5. Oh bummer, I missed the push conversion notes ! As for pricing, seen the price for R34 GTR stuff lately ... haha
  6. I have been searching for a clutch that ticks all the box's. I found RPS make these for the supra - https://www.realstreetperformance.com/rps-carbon-triple-disc-carbon-9-3-inch-steel-flywheel-2jz-gte-supra-getrag-v160.html Big HP Streetable NO RATTLES Getrag friendly Light / stock pedal. Pull Type. I have spoken to real street and they said they would be interested in collaborating with RPS to make a BNR34 version if we have 5+ orders. I might be dreaming but would there be others here interested in such an item ?
  7. I rang ACS, they no longer do carbon clutches, only something called a carbon button. Everything they sell rattles though. Also have to do pull to push conversion. Hunting down a dual mass flywheel to go with ATS silent carbon twin is next challenge.
  8. So the stories of people trashing them on install are a thing of past now ? Should I expect much slip ?
  9. I've spoken to a couple already (the better known and recommended in aus) and found them to not very helpful thus far. I have a direct clutch in my race car and whilst its great in that, it is so far from what I want for my street car its not funny. I am not aware of any Aus that make a silent clutch ?
  10. Doing a R34 Getrag conversion in my Cefiro. Looking at two clutch options the above ATS twin carbon silent and a Nismo Coppermix twin. Currently have the push version of the Nismo coppermix(680ps) and found it started to slip around 700hp at wheels. I also find it is a bit heavy on the foot(i've had a leg operation and due another). The pull version is rated to 780ps On paper the ATS silent carbon twin ticks all the box's. 900ps rating using factory dual mass silent operation. light pedal. I read through the threads though on the carbon clutches and no shortage of stories of people pulling them out. They are all from 2006 to 2014 though. This is a new(ish) clutch by ATS , wondering if anyone has used ? is it any better ? does it suit the street as claimed ?
  11. Finally got around to getting this cut. Here is a pic as promised, looks good, works good so far
  12. Had no issue making 700rwhp on stock head , stock cams, stock intake on stock 100k bottom end. Does have head gasket and studs now. Fairly confident that I am at the limit of the stock valve springs, pushing more boost made it do funny things.
  13. well i check knock and read peak values, which hopefully you will solve the need for that and have it on output ? I;ve used it to tune the cold start many times. (Mods, mods, mods) Scale when i change injectors prior to proper tune and same again when i switch fuels.
  14. Awesome idea. Price will make it or break it. I do think keeping the HC working would be ideal. People like to have more, not swap. I use my HC all the time.
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