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  1. well i check knock and read peak values, which hopefully you will solve the need for that and have it on output ? I;ve used it to tune the cold start many times. (Mods, mods, mods) Scale when i change injectors prior to proper tune and same again when i switch fuels.
  2. Awesome idea. Price will make it or break it. I do think keeping the HC working would be ideal. People like to have more, not swap. I use my HC all the time.
  3. Guessing you guys didn't watch the video ? 120mph should get you into the 11's Your 60ft sucks though, tyres / track or launch. Ideally you should be in 1.7 range with that power and mph.
  4. Looking at website, they don't list GTR but others are 60,000 CZK to 120,000CZK. One could "guess" 6k aud ish ?
  5. I bought one. Been really needing a spare key. They are heavy, likely a low grade steel and coated. I am the worst at metals though so don't trust my judgement. I do expect the coating will degrade over time otherwise seems very solid. Will post a pic once i get it cut.
  6. I am running TriboDyn in all my gearbox's now and so far working really well. Quietened down a gtr box with noisy bearing and it didn't like to shift great when cold. It has saved me from pulling it out and been going 2 years now. Also going fine in my syncro OS giken box 2years later.
  7. Amm ... it tells you in the advert, "Style" is the code for china copy ........ "Nismo Style Key (Blank) for Nissan"
  8. Weird ... my old pre gen label gt35 with .82 has 20psi at 4300rpm. T3 open scroll. Have you played with cam gear timing ?
  9. Grant - https://www.facebook.com/gsautoworksau/ for mechanical work. Rob Turner also does top work and will tune also. Both shops get very busy though and often cost a bit more due to the fact only quality leaves. Then as I said Hyperdrive a great option for tuning.
  10. So thoughts on the g35-1050 rating then ? What do you think is a real rating Hawkins rear wheel I think was 880hp with the g35-1050 and that was with the biggest rear housing.
  11. 1988 cars and some very early 1989 brought in under 15 year old rule before axed did not get compliance plates. Only vin. What year is it ?
  12. Hyperdrive have tuned my RB26 for the last 13 years. Stock motor making 600rear still going strong. Andy can get pretty busy but know's his Nissans. Tunes all the usual too, powerFC, link, nistune, haltech, motec etc etc
  13. How is the pedal pressure on the foot compared to stock and say nismo twin ? Also do they rattle like tin cans ?
  14. I am just a bit cautious around the hype. These Nissans been making good power for a long time on some pretty basic ecus. Seems you get crapped on if you don't drop $4k on an ECU and all the setup. In some ways I regret doing it, its money that could have gone into other area's. I don't have flex or launch setup yet, maybe when i do I'll see more value from it.
  15. Cool, no argument there, the extra feature set is nice. You just suggested he would get a better result. The only thing in the list above that could do that really is the tuning resolution, which makes a very small difference on a simple engine, my opinion ... not fact 12 years, 100s of drag passes, lots of events, stock motor from 1990 challenges your reliability statement a bit To be fair to you i do have a dash with logging, warning etc.
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