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  1. Spoke to Alpha, confirmed slip yoke due to both sides being flanges as expected. Custom length is no issue. Will need to remove your current tailshaft to measure. Being Australian company, hopefully will see good after sales. Very helpful on the phone. They have an article explaining how angles and bushes are the bigger causes of vibration that a 2 piece can mask.
  2. Not sure on most of this yet Ben. I am awaiting a second reply. From the pictures I have..... It is a complete T series box with adapter and standard gtr transfer case bolted on. It looks like they are setting up the shifter with a linkage, using the T56 shifter on the GTR position. I assume the following .... Use a quicktime bellhousing. Will be GM spline , I imagine usual T56 clutch slave options. Same as T56 rwd RB combos. I have the following questions also .... Will it fit in the tunnel. What length will it be. @BK Please tell me what bolt in options you are thinking of that can hold 800+HP with a Synchro ? Only options I know of are OS Gearsets (About 8K once you source box, sync and have built) Used Getrag (12k) - who knows how thrashed it is and rebuilds are damn hard. PAR / PPG ? None end up all that cheap. With this you have a brand new box, range of config options and current aftermarket support. Its one of the strongest synchro box's ever made. That all said, price might come back at 20k, so price has to be at the right mark !
  3. So i contacted malwood. They do indeed do this combo(I have pics). Looks like they sell complete box only and not an adapter by itself. I have asked for pricing. Could be a really interesting option compared to a used getrag if priced well.
  4. Using this you will have an SFI spec bellhousing solving one of the issues that I have no idea how some of the "street drag" manual gtrs get around. Obviously those that go auto have no issue. https://www.jegs.com/i/Quick-Time-Bellhousing/698/RM-7011/10002/-1
  5. You can get a bellhousing of shelf for RB. 4wd conversion exist for chevs but are on the wrong side. Finding a 1000hp syncro box is not an easy thing.
  6. Thanks for the reply ! These guys do a dog box with the rings seperate from the gears - https://www.6xdgearbox.com/ They suggest a dog is $300 ish AUD. Anything like that available for the GTR ? info for anyone interested
  7. Was just about to say the same as Tobz. Lemons is a cheap car but safety kit kills the budget. On top of what he listed also have money for helmet, race suit etc depending on your tracks requirements. Those items in spec and in date can add up also, specially with a team of 4 that are all different sizes.
  8. Ok... So why does it seem hard to get details on the cost to maintain the dog box's ? I read very mixed info of needing new dogs every 5k, some to most gears seem to have dogs built in, so your buying a full gear. Almost no on advertises the cost of gears and you feel like your wasting peoples time to call when you are in options mode. A real street car in my mind is going to do 10,000k a year and your looking at one or two gearbox overhauls ? At xx price ?
  9. Same pricing for custom length ? Also whats with the rubber section ? Does this have a slip yoke ?
  10. r34 gtr has different diameter front caliper bolts, so that statement is not correct
  11. The roll over on top is most likely some wheel spin, the roller dyno in rwd often does that. Put it on a hub and you will see a different curve.
  12. I've held 700rwhp. Ran drag slicks on 600rwhp 1.3 60fts BUT it was in a very light S13. After 8 years of abuse it started to slip. New plates in it and its going strong in a 4wd car now. I do love how quite they are too, perfect street car clutch. You get over the twin plate rattle quick when your picking your kids up from school and people just think your car is broken.
  13. The lack of data points and proper testing on these turbos makes me really suspicious. They show a before and after boost curves with no rpm or road speed line to compare Plus went a really big housing for the small 2.6 and didn't test the smaller one as suggested.
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