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  1. Hi all, I have my original badges from my S15 which I thought I'd see if anyone was interested in buying. They are completely original - rear 200SX badge - front and rear Nissan badges Open to offers as I have no idea what they're worth. PM any interest Cheers P.S. I'm in the Hills District, NSW, but they can be Express Posted or whatever you prefer.
  2. Hi all, I have a Panasonic X88 mobile phone for sale (the new model of the X70). It is new however I have used it once and realised that I don't like the clamshell design as I am too used to Nokias. It was received last week and has only been used for a couple of hours. Anyone interested please PM me with an offer, I think they retail for around 900, not sure though but since it was a gift I am open to offers over 450. Cheers Vikash
  3. Hey guys, Thanks for the opinions! I can get finance for an import but not with a residual (which is what I'd like) and I'd prefer a 2001 model car at least. I used to have an S15 but sold it as I needed to save my money to invest and I'm not looking at getting another car. The S15 was great but the insurance was still 3k (good price though) and at this stage I'd really like a car that is economical to own in terms of price, petrol and insurance. It's taking a lot of discipline but if i stick to my guns i should be able to afford a car that I really want in no time. Like a 350Z maybe The reason I said SP20 is that I can pick one up for around 22k even and insure it cheaply. The MX-5 will cost a few k more but it seems like more fun. It's not practical but all my friends have their own cars and I don't often drive heaps of ppl around. I'll have a think about it as I'm not buying until June. Thanks for your opinions!
  4. Has anyone here driven or own a 350Z? A friend of mine is looking at getting one and wanted some opinions if anyone has any experience with this car. Thanks
  5. Hi guys, This isn't about a skyline, but I thought I'd get some advice as I know everyone on here is an enthusiast. I was just wondering what car you guys reckon would be good for less than $30k? I was thinking a used 2001 MX-5 6 spd or a used SP20 (if I wanted to spend less than 25k) Any thoughts on these cars? Any other suggestions are welcome too. I don't want to pay the insurance on a turbo and I can't get finance for an import so unfortunately it's locally delivered cars only and probably used as you can't anything decent for 30k new. Thanks in advance!
  6. hehe lol predator666, the s2000 i'd be looking at is gonna be a 2000 model so will be around 50-55 grand. I sold the S15 as I wanted a change and was looking to upgrade soon, i've always loved the s2000 though. if i can find a good example then i think that is what i'd be leaning towards but i just need to be sure abt the practicality factor. Cheers
  7. Went to Honda the other day and had a look around, saw the Accord Euro there, and apparently it is very nice to drive. I'm going to go back some time and drive it as it looks like a pretty good value car. Pentae, what do you mean by 'the s2000 is a dog'? Is it unreliable? Wouldn't mind test driving the mini, I don't like that big Tacho though! Cheers
  8. Hey all, Not a Nissan question but thought I'd get your opinions nonetheless Which car would you guys buy out of a new (or near new) Integra Type R, new (or near new) Mini Cooper S or used (30000-50000kms 2000 model) Honda S2000? Anyone owned any of these? What do people reckon? Cheers
  9. Apparently the new R8 clubbies do 0-100 in 5.3sec, not sure abt 1/4 mile though. Good luck
  10. I sold my S15 last month for $33k with 27000kms on the clock. I'm sure I could have gotten more but I thought I'd sell it asap. Not sure what they're going for still but they are coming down in price. The S15 was an awesome car, I would recommend it. However, I didn't mod it but I've heard it responds well to mods. My friend has an R33 and our cars were pretty similar in performance as both were stock. I think the S15 handles a lot better though. Anyway, in your position, I would get the S15 (if you intend to keep it for a while) as it's newer, less problems, looks slick in my opinion and performs very well. Also, better resale I believe.
  11. Hey guys, Got a stock S15 spec S CD player as well as front and back "Nissan" badges and rear "200SX" badge. Open to offers, PM me Cheers
  12. congrats on the purchase www.nissansilvia.com www.silviansw.com those are the only ones i know of cheers
  13. rs73, that would be the wisest choice as it would cost me the least to run and would be an ok compromise for a little while. DaiOni, i agree that newer doesn't mean better, but from a financial perspective, the car that will hold the most value in the short term and with the cheapest running costs would probably be more suited to my situation. But then again, a little extra money can often mean a lot more fun
  14. Is the vtir THAT slow though? I don't think I could deal with a 318, it feels slower than a prelude. As for s14, It'd make sense but I don't feel I'd be as happy with it after the s15 so I'd rather have a change of 'scene' and go with something like the rexy maybe. But also, I don't mind the look of the most recent prelude, sometimes they look ok. I guess I'll just buy whichever is in the best condition and kms etc at the time.
  15. Hehe yeah, leaning towards the rex today But I'll probably be leaning towards the Prelude tomorrow! It's ridiculous, but I won't have to decide until my car sells, which will hopefully be soon.
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