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  1. Hi There Anyone know of someone that can fit an alarm for me by Friday afternoon latest ?? I need to get my GTO over the pit and on the road by the weekend. I'm not really fussy about brand, as long as it's reasonably priced .. Thanks Richard.
  2. Here are some of the photos I took at this year's Le Mans on the weekend ..
  3. Whoo hoo .. on top of my 4c discount voucher, I also get 25% off my fuel. Oil companies ain't that bad if you work for one ..
  4. Hi Joe, I didn't realized you're Korean ? With the current climate I think I'll choose to be a coward than do compulsory military service . Send back some photos while you're over there .. Anyway, take care and keep safe. See you in 3 years time. Richard.
  5. Hey, I would be extremely happy to have a 10% success rate Hehehe .. OK, how about a challenge ?? Can I get you to go and take a photo of a pigeon in flight in manual mode .. try to time it at full wing span .. See how 'good' your timing is .. I'm just darn too slow .. and prefer to depend on a 5-8fps camera, if I want to take photos of fast moving object.
  6. The photo of the kid is GREAT !! With cars, try putting it on a tripod with a lower shutter speed and pan!!! .. Gives you the sense of speed.
  7. LOL .. this explain why the land value in Nollamarra is so high . Sure, if it's fair game, just ask yourself this question .. How would you feel if that was your house that's backing onto a main road and I come along to scribble my grafitti all over your back yard ? Even better, what if I scribbled something that you don't find appealing ?? Would you come out and give me a beer or chase me down with a baseball bat ?? LOL .. do I really need to ask that question ??
  8. Hehehe I must be getting old .. cause I cant seem to take a photo of a hit to the head during a sparring competition. Seriously, it's like taking photo of a boxing match. Trying to capture a hit to the head is almost imposibe, because even at 5fps is too slow. Might even need 8fps .. of course this doesn't apply to many sport .. because the contact time is so short...
  9. Hmm not sure which "ghetto" you're from ?? But I'm a bit confused by your logic !! It's OK to tag buildings as it's gives the streets "character" where as tagging private trucks/vans grinds your teeth ?? Does that mean that if someone tags your house, it would add character? If you ever own a house one day, I would love to see you add “character” to it before trying to sell it. As for the argument of graffiti being "art" is purely subjective. But what I have problem with graffiti is that it forced upon me. Where as for example abstract or minimalist art, which is not appealing to the vast population, is NOT force upon them. If someone who like abstract or minimalist arts, they would go to an exhibition to view it. Otherwise, it’s out of sight. You do not have the same choice as graffiti. For me, graffiti creates an impression of disorder and of lawlessness. A city that is tainted by vandalism invites more vandalism and more serious crime because it sends the message that the city doesn't care and isn't paying attention. This is an example of what happened in New York in the 70-80s, until Giuliani came into office and introduced new measures to combat crimes which eventually trickled down to graffiti. Having said that I do think it does take talent to be a graffiti artist, but this doesn’t change my view of it being vandalism as soon as you create your work on someone’s private property without their consent, regardless on how appealing your work might be. As for the punishment, they’re not design to be proportionate to the crime otherwise it won’t be effective. I think the more disproportionate the punitive actions are the more likely it is to succeed. Have a look at Dubai or Singapore as an example, two of the most sophisticated and modern cities in the world without graffiti problems !! They’re also not very tolerant of graffiti “artists”. BTW I’m not saying I agree with their punitive actions, but it seems to worked!! Perhaps the saving grace here is that most graffiti “artist”, like gangster is that by the time they have family or reach their mid-20s, their priorities usually shifts and is no longer motivated to tag. This is why you don’t see too many 30yr gangsters or graffiti artists
  10. If you're serious about sport photography, then do consider the 20D, because its burst mode is 5fps, where as the 350D is only 3fps. I planning to take martial arts photos, and within that split second, there's a huge diference between 5fps vs 3fps !!
  11. LOL Fair enough I'm going to order a cheapy clamp-pod to see if I can do the same ..
  12. Hi Dark Are you using a clamp tripod with a remote ?? I was thinking of getting a clamp tripod for a similar shot as the one above. Nice work btw
  13. Nice photos Joe I meant of the fireworks !!! That camera of yours covered the wide angle very well. I wished I had the same coverage. All the photos that I took seems as though they're all zoomed ! Even the wide angle.
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