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  1. Can some one please tell me what is the geniune colour of the floor mats for R33 series 2 40th Anniversary? Thanks
  2. ok this is a really bad problem i am having 2 brand new hater cores both died on me. Is there a mechanic on here who i can contact to help me out with this problem it would be easer for me to explain over the phone. Please leave me a message and i will contact you
  3. Yes, thats what I mean the "spooling noise" but not the crappy blow off valve i dont like those...
  4. Hi all, Just wondering if anyone has a R34 triptronic. I am thinking of purchasing one but I want it to make the cooler noise and wondering if anyone know if it does make one or not or does it only do it in manual cars if so then I will go for the manual. Regards
  5. Hi all, Just wondering if anyone has had this problem as well. I have replaced my heatercore about a month ago and now its leaking again. It took me 6 hours to do the whole job and I damn sure dont want to do it again... but i got a feeling I might have to!!! Can somebody please help me out before i have to pull the dash out again!!!! Thank you
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