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  1. G’day mate , was wondering if you wanted to buy my brake rotors , down to $600 now for full set .


  2. Hi all, My clutch pedal bracket has broken, as is known to be a weak point in the R32's. Looking for a replacement that I can get strengthened up and swap out so the car spends the least amount of time off road. Otherwise if you have a strengthened one already I can buy that off you. Located in Adelaide so local preferred, but will pay for post if it comes to it. Thanks
  3. chalon

    BBS RS 261

    I have a set of 4 with one that's cracked and needs repair, but other 3 are good. Some light gutter rash. PM me your phone number and I'll send some pics. Located in Adelaide. Thanks
  4. Thanks for the feedback guys. I think I might do the basics and try once to see what happens. OK, given that this thread is about GTR prices, I'll try and put this back on topic a bit. What would you do if you were me: 1) Worst case spend say around $7K returning to stock and clearing the defect, then maybe keep the car for a bit and or sell 2) Bite the bullet now and sell it off overseas as is, saving myself the time and money of clearing the defect. Are overseas buyers interested in heavily modified cars? Can they get them registered easily? Cheers
  5. That's one option I'd explored already. There's a place in SA called Sinergy Motorsports that specialise in clearing defects and they're happy to source the motor and do the swap for me. I'm mechanically retarded, so would rely on a workshop to do the work. It would cost at least $5K to do all up. I'll keep an eye out for complete stock motors and see what turns up as this could make things a bit cheaper to do. Unfortunately the defect requires going through Regency inspection, which is a full inspection of the car. I guess it could be luck of the draw on the day. I guess I've had the car for over 10 years and I thought this might be a sign to finally move on from the car, but I'm not too up to date in terms of market pricing and what I should realistically be doing from a financial standpoint. Thanks for the feedback. Let's keep the discussion going!
  6. Hey guys, I just found this thread as I haven't been very active on SAU lately. I'm seeking some opinions and wanted to start a discussion as this relates to GTR pricing. I got defected a few months ago for having an exhaust that was too loud. My fault entirely - I knew it and was pretty much on borrowed time, but chose to run the risk anyway as it was pretty much a weekend car (if that). Long story short, I'll need to go through a full regency inspection to clear the defect. This is where my troubles begin. My car is quite heavily modified: RB26/30 Forged Internals Unknown cams Trust 100mm Drag Intercooler Vipec V44 1400cc Injectors 2 x E85 460Lph fuel pumps O/S Giken 5 speed O/S Giken triple plate Vcam - http://www.sau.com.au/forums/topic/448677-new-rb26-vcam-in-let-setup-3000/ HKS GT2530's Tomei dumps R34GTR exhaust manifolds, port matched to turbos Unknown aftermarket 2x70mm into 80mm to meet up with the old AM Performance 4" exhaust Running on ~ 70% Ethanol content it achieved the attached figures. My dilemna is whether I clear the defect (looking at least $5K for labour to return to stock and then back again) and keep driving it around hoping I'll get my money back later on? Or should I just bite the bullet and sell it now and not spend any further money on it? I'd probably be looking at overseas markets - that way I don't have to worry about the defect. My car is a 1990 Gunmetal grey with ~120k kms on the chassis and the new engine barely run in. It's in pretty decent overall condition but is not a garage queen. Would appreciate your opinions guys. I have a daily so am happy to keep this car off the road for a while. Cheers
  7. Hi guys, Still on the lookout for an R32GTR passenger indicator assembly, or a set of aftermarket both sides. Thanks
  8. Hi guys, Just got defected on Friday and looks like I'll need a Regency suitable exhaust and at least rear suspension, possibly front and rear for an R32GTR. Please let me know if you have these and are willing to help out. Thanks
  9. WTB: R32 GTR Front passenger indicator, possibly driver's side as well. Let me know what you have! Thanks
  10. I'm interested in the modified twin turbo pipe. Is this one you did yourself or one of the group buy ones? How much posted to Adelaide? Thanks
  11. I'll take the seat trims thanks if they'll fit R32GTR. Please PM me details for pickup/meetup
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