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  1. C34 Laurel Questions Partner just picked up a immaculate C34 Laurel Medalist 25. And I have some questions of parts people have used to get a OEM style aero? Theres next to no information on these cars online. Looking at doing a tidy front lip and sideskirts.
  2. Has anyone chucked a RB25DE 4Speed auto into a A31 in replacement of a buggered 3speed auto? Mate has pulled his from his C33 Laurel, a clean removal as he was planning on using it again. By the odd chance has anyone got any experience with doing this? This is my daily so I'm trying to prepare so it's not off the road for an excessive amount of time Cheers
  3. Firstly I have searched and couldn't find anything. Has anyone had experience with pinching other RB stock cams for that little bit extra? Considering comparing the different cams specs and doing a swap of there are gains to be made, just general question while I look into it as if someone has experience and has a answer it would save the time researching from my mobile Cheers
  4. Ive picked up a D22 gearbox as they are the same gearset as the rb25det box etc Has any one done this before? Im looking at this as this box cost me $250 nzd and a 25det big box sells for 2.5k If i can source a rb bellhousing from a big box it appears it will bolt on but i think I will need to space it out as it appears the input shaft sits out further but the gearbox in total is shorter then the rb, so maybe the difference is in the bellhousing or maybe a spacer at the center plate will be enough
  5. Ok, to start I have tried to search for answers So ive picked up a RB25DE R32 engine with loom and ecu and all i want it for is head loom and ecu. Now I plan on mating it to a rb30 bottom end. My question is has anyone run this set up on the 25de ecu with the correct sized injectors to suit the extra half a litre? Is it safe enough to drive? Not worried about top end, as long as itll be safe for daily driving. What are the afrs like? Id plan on chucking in a wide band sensor to keep and eye on anything. My reason for this is my 20e auto cefiro is shitting itself, my 180sx isnt done yet, with out that being done I cant do my 2j conversion, so 30de is done from what I have and will in long run be put into my other car once 2jz swap begins Cheers in advance for any help or insight
  6. Hey all im after some dimensions from a rb25det box if someone has one out of the car. Im after -bellhousing length -how far the input shafts comes out past the bellhousing -box length(end to end) Cheers
  7. Anyone know what crossmember will bolt a Big Box in? And are there any combinations of driveshafts to fit a big box in? Or should I just cut my yoke off and weld on the big box yoke at length?
  8. Ok well I guess we will sort a new feed for that then, didnt think to far into it at this stage. Ill have to look more into it because the normal power feed etc was somehow running 12v constant so the car would stay running with the key out as a turbo timer would act. So ill have to either get the ecu trigger to work, may wire up a relay using the ecu trigger and the 12v switched feed and get it going that way, either that or anything that only feeds 12v with the engine running haha. More investigation is needed for the next step... dont worry though guys his car is miles away from being ready to drive
  9. Its been fed from 12v switched power, so key off no fuel pump power
  10. We ended up giving the r32 loom 12v where needed and put the fuel pump on a switch
  11. We got it running found some info from someone thats done the swap. And regards to the comment about small tyres, I have a friend who drifts a single cam non turbo rb20e r32 and goes out with the big boys. A turbo twin cam rb20det will do just fine. The one problem I have with community is the hate towards RB20'S
  12. My mate is putting a rb20det into his r33 just as a skid pig to learn to drift. Now we have a r32 rb20det with loom and ecu. Dash plug pins done match. And square plug under airbox pins dont match. Need some advice to set this all up. We cant even find any wiring info for the RB20e R33 to even begin to figure it out. So any infomation would be good. Or any tips to make it run with out it being wired to the car, more like its just sitting there to hold it. And dont just say get a rb25... picked this motor up for $200 with a rebuilt head. And getting this wired up will help when his RB30DET goes in as he has a R32 RB25 head. Cheers
  13. Sweet as, im sure if I slap a head on the old block assembly id get abit of money back. Thanks alot again! Selling off what I dont need now see if I can buy a new motor off my uneeded bits!
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