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  1. Hey Disco You have to think that because the ford is a v8, it has 2 more injectors so you can make more power with a smaller injector. We have 6 cyl's last time i checked, so we need a bigger injector. How do you think the 4 cyl's feel, those guys have to run 2000cc injectors when you start getting serious with e85, my fj20 runs the 2000's and ive seen 80% duty cycle on e85. (43psi boost) Birds: i really do not agree about getting 300kw on 550cc injectors on e85. I remember running out of flow at 300kw on 740's on several occations. It also depends what the ethanol content is too.
  2. Have you looked for any boost leaks ? I know this might sound stupid but I have seen massive boost leaks cause issues just like this one.
  3. half his luck, if he can sell them for that price what can you say ? a fool and his money shall soon be parted.
  4. Are you in a position to pull the injectors and get them cleaned and flow tested?
  5. Did you know.... The first production car the Ford Model T 1908 was flex fuel compatible ? It could run just as good on ethanol as did on gasoline. There was a brass knob on the right side of the steering wheel that the driver could change depending on what fuel he was using, it was linked to a mixture screw on the carby. so awesome.... Ford!
  6. I ran nismo 740cc's for 7 years on my own car and never had issues, tune them occasionally and they idle a 2.5 and 3 litre fine. I find some side feed's don't like E85 and can fail, but the Nismo 740's on 98 octane are a great injector. If you get a second hand set get them cleaned and flow tested before you use them
  7. I have seen some power fc's that won't connect to laptop, some versions power fc did not support laptop. Try a different power fc and go from there.
  8. i got one in newcastle, $350
  9. you could have a boost leak under boost and its hitting the air flow cut. block your bov and pressure test the system and search for leaks
  10. I have found a cheap and easy way to mount yaris coils into the rb25det neo and also the s1 & s2 motors. You can just buy some thread bar the same size as the 8mm bolt on the s1 and 2 and the same size as the 10mm bolts that hold the NEO ones in place and cut it to size and use a bolt as a stopper to where it likes to sit and use another bolt on top to fasten it, worked great on my neo, when i changed to a s2 head all i did was turn down the bottom of the stud to a m5 1.0 and adapted it to the coil brackets. if you are worried about looks then fork out the cash for the kits getting around
  11. You can actually still get support for this ecu from Autronic, it is still more then capable of doing the job. If you do have to upgrade, then go for the Adaptronic Modular range of ecu's, they are very good.
  12. Hahahaha.. this is gold... Building my third RB30DET and had some confusion with the timing belt, google the question and there we go, I answered my own question 10 years ago =)
  13. Glad its all sorted mate another example of the dunning kruger effect.
  14. I will send you a PM mate. Should be able to sort this out.
  15. yeah it was far more expensive 10 years ago as well... took me months to save up for everything to how i wanted it.
  16. Cant see much, but it was a awesome setup. It eventually died because I used a conventional 2.5" laptop hdd in it and all the bumps and pot holes in The Republic of Georgia destroyed it... I never made a new hdd for it as i moved engine from one car to another when the car got to the UAE
  17. I did this about 10 years ago, i used a Thermaltake 7" lcd motorised touchscreen that was made for servers that can sit in a pc case, i mounted that in the dash, and used a amd mini pc and a 12v power supply from jaycar. I am thinking of doing another setup now, where did you get the screen from? how much was it? I think i paid $600 for mine back in then. i think i got a video somewhere of it working
  18. it is interesting how people put so much faith into the data that is put before them.. things are not always what you have been told.
  19. nothing wrong with the borgies products, you know what they say about the mechanic who blames his tools? lol Moving right along. Kinksta: you are using an external wastegate right ?
  20. In the UAE, I had a 350z with a 2630 in it, was fully forged with some unknown camshafts, it had GT2860R-9 turbos on it, and i frigging loved it! It will work fine trust me =)
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