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  1. Sorry guys inbox is cleared, will get pics taken this weekend.
  2. I have an R34GTT project that I brought many years ago. Has original Rb25det engine and manual gearbox with HD clutch to go with it. Car had been modified and previous owner stripped aftermarket turbo and performance parts to sell car and never put back together. So engine needs stock injectors and turbo put back on (pretty sure I have all of this) and engine and box put back into car. Pretty sure almost everything is complete to reassemble, clean mostly complete interior car had 145,000km at the time it was taken off the road. Needs front and rear bars painted(lower Altia kit) , has been stored for at least 6 years that I have owned. Fully complied and clear title. Being sold as Is where is. Will be getting some pics in the next few days. From memory it had tanabe coil overs, nismo sway bars and a few other bits and pieces that I would have forget about. Probably missing a few bits and bobs from being stored in pieces for so long. Want $7K on Stockies or $8k with a set of genuine 19" volk CE28 19" gold rims but open to offers. car is located in Deniliqun NSW 3hrs from Melbourne, 7.5hours from Sydney, 6hours from Adelaide. Strictly pick up only, no delivery. Not interested in organising freight as parts are bulky. Judging by recent 34 prices if someone is prepared to put in the work could end up with a nice cheap genuine turbo manual GTT These will be the next generation of collectable car like the genuine mx7 plated vl Calais turbo I don't come on here much but pm me I'll check it over the next few weeks
  3. Looking for either of above, preference for Altia, but happy to take a good quality Impul set
  4. Have a set of Rays Volk CE28 Rims in 19" in Factory Anodised Bronze, with tyres at about 80% Unfortunately they suffer from reasonable gutter rash on all of the rims, (front passenger being the worst) (occurred prior to my ownership) I have looked into having this repaired. However the real only solution would result in a machined finish on the lip. or a matched bronze paint around the lip (as the original coating is anodised not painted). Either way the price of these will reflect condition. Import Monster has sold repaired & repainted sets for around $3.3k without tyres. I would be interested in a set of R34 GTR stock rims in good condition with good tyres + Cash my way. or offers around $2500 ONO Which is about half price of new (without tyres) I am currently waiting on a price to have them repaired and re-anodised by a reputable repairer, who told me they have matched the Rays Bronze closely before. Otherwise I was considering getting them done in another colour. I had been previously quoted $130 a rim to repair and powder coat any colour, however after a bit of research I was concerned with the baking process effecting the hardness of the Rims. I had them on one of my R34 GTT coupes with an awesome fit (no mods or scraping), i have fitted them on my Mrs sedan for a pic of how they sit, no scraping in wheel well or on guards. They were fitted on an R33 GTR when I brought them (didn't actually see the fit), and told they fit V35 with the use of 25mm bolt on spacers on the front. Come with Genuine Rays Dura aluminium nuts and limited edition centre caps worth $250.. PM is best contact. Can deliver to Melbourne for right price. Also Mrs is selling her sedan If anyone is interested in Auto GTT 135,000km (on stock wheels) for cheap PM
  5. Damn E-bay, car was brought by someone who was hacked... They also purchased 197 other cars. If anyone wants it $10.5K Come and get it!
  6. bonnet... i wish, i have had trouble getting one this colour since i got the car.
  7. Cheap enough to spend $1k and tidy it up, and you'd have a neat 34...
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